Runner Susan, Danny, Tiggs, Marta, et al from New York Mararthon: heed this post for your own good.

I can't stop eating and the eating season hasn't even begun yet.

I think I'll take up running so I can burn it off.

59 degrees. Four miles. Tempo pace. That's better.


Runner Susan said...

same here David, I just ate my weight in pretzels.

Runner Susan said...

oh yeah, and Sunday the 17th is the exact day of the Austin Marathon. Are you following the same plan as you did for NY?

Darrell said...

The eating thing I understand.
The tempo pace run less than a week after a marathon, now that's impressive.

Rich said...

NP - you're just loading up for your Spring marathons, right?

Tiggs said...

ah the eating. I've been contemplating putting a cipher lock on the fridge that only works with my husband's thumbprint. Maybe that will stop me. But I doubt it!

I keep telling myself that Houston is coming up and I am eating to prepare for that. Yeh. It's January 13th....LOL!