Taking care of business

I loaded all the unauthorized and authorized pictures from the NYC Marathon onto my pin drive this morning and then copied them into my work laptop screensaver. The unauthorized photos are the ones Susan didn't want me to post for you to see so you'll have to come to my office to see them.

I sent Susan her training schedule for Austin. It looks very much like mine except mine says Ft. Lauderdale.

I went out this morning bright and chipper to do 6x800s at the track, the same track where the lead character in the new runner novel by John L. Parker, Jr. Again to Carthage, found his stride as a middle school sprinter. How weird is it to pick up a book and be reading along and all of a sudden the writer is telling you about your neighborhood? I mean no less than 200 yards from here. Very strange.

Anyway I did the most consistent repeats I have ever done. After a not-quite-warm first 800 of 3:54, the next five were (dropping hundreths) 3:51, 3:52, 3:51, 3:51 and 3:51 (7:46 pace). Not super speedy but the pace guide that the marathon trainers use said that the 800s for 4:30:00 marathon runners should be about 4:30 per 800. I tore it up by that comparison.

The final course of business was to prepare for tomorrow night. I put in a call to Santino and he assures me Tim Gunn will be on his best behaviour for the season premier of Project Runway. Actually I didn't call Santino but I'll never forget the episode with Tim coming into the cutting room asking, "What happened to Andrae?" and Santino mocking him for days afterwards. Anyway, Heidi K., Michael K. and Miss Highest Ra-rrr Heels take to the runway set tomorrow. It's been too long. Make it work!

P.S. By my loose approximation, I calculate I passed about 12,000 people during the NYC Marathon. I started in the back of the last corral of 38,000+ people and finished 26,100th. That's almost 500 per mile.


Runner Susan said...

stupid blogger. just ate my comment.

Anyhow, as I was saying . . .

And you expect me to send you a CD of photos? I was going to send all 170, but I think I'll edit them down a bit first.

jeanne said...

only 12,000? Like that gives you bragging rights.

What drugs are you taking and where can i get some.

Jank said...

Oh, man - Austin. The Land of Milk and Honey where the streets are paved with Gold.

Even though it's going to be chilly, you are absolutely bound to go swimming in Barton Springs (it'll be 68 degrees no matter what), and moreso bound to eat a chicken fried steak, fried okra, and a Shiner Bock.

Man, I miss Austin.