24 miles since the Trot

It was a busy running week for me. As much as I did in my run up to NYC, it seems.

I did the 5.3 mile 10K race last Sunday; five hill miles on Tuesday; the 5K Turkey Trot race on Thurday, nine miles on Friday at tempo pace and - so to keep pace with Runner Susan even though she hasn't confirmed she did it - I ran 15.1 miles today in rather balmy 70 degree temps.

I was pleased to put in the 15 without any problems. I feel very fit and the legs are as taut as ever.

I finished reading Again to Carthage by John Parker and found out this morning that Sunday running pal Chris has a copy of the original running invigorator Once a Runner by Parker. I went to his house today and traded books. We're both fired up now. Great motivation in those pages.

With today's run I have surpassed my record for miles in a year: 1,087. That's exactly an 100 mile month average (as of today). Much more to run in December as we ramp up for Ft. Lauderdale.


Joe said...

Your legs are holding up very well...this is encourging. Way to go on the 15 miles.

Have meant to mention I like the additions to the text on your intro sidebar recently. Well said. Blogging can indeed be a painfully self-centered activity...you do a good job of bringing in others. That's a plus.

Runner Susan said...

Blogging self-centered? Says who? I blog to share a little of my wonderful and amazing self with everyone. I know, I am so generous it's heart-breaking.

1087 is just about double my mileage for the year, Mr. Showoff! Very nice.

Tiggs said...

1087 is double my mileage too! WOW! WTG! Of course, that may be why you are whipping out 4:45s while I hobble to the finish!