Are you kidding me???

The weekend was a great relief. I had trouble re-engaging at work Wed. through Friday, which included managing the media at a school bus/bicyclist accident. The bicyclist lost, fatally.

I was still on a NYCM high and itching to go run long again this weekend. I figured I'd reverse the training plan and recover over taper distances. That meant going 10 miles this weekend. If that went well I am going to go 15 next weekend. I worked so hard to get in this shape, I do not want to lose it. I remember Susan saying much the same thing.

Thursday and Friday I indulged Mrs. T by participating in the arts world. An art lecture Thurday on Bloomsbury, followed by a la-dee-dah dinner at a private estate. Friday was a musical production of Gypsy at the college. I was exhausted and nodded off in the balcony during the first act. At intermission I excused myself, drove home, and crawled into bed. Mrs. T tells me I should have hung around. The college girls gave their best impression of strippers in the second act. Who knew? Dang.

Saturday was a long overdue yard project trimming some bushes that had been long unattended. That gave me a first rate backache which I felt when I woke up this morning.

Running again. I tried the same breakfast as last Sunday: bagel with peanut butter and some orange juice. It did the trick.

I went to Park Avenue. Only Marty and Ed showed up. There was a 10K/5K race this morning and it is a popular one. I just wanted to run 10 miles. And did I ever.

Ed bailed out after five miles. Marty stuck with me and labored a little as I pushed the pace. When we stopped for Zippfizz and Blok Shots at 6.7 miles, we were both energized and he accepted my ramped up pace. We pushed on and never slowed down.

Back at Park Avenue, I clicked on my watch. 1:32.44. I was thinking that was fast. I toweled off and strolled down to Starbucks for a coffee cake and Cafe Americano, then home.

I entered that 1:32 for 10.2 miles in my logrun file. Are you kidding me? That was a 9:05 pace!! I haven't gone that fast since June 3. I am loving running right now. I may have to jump up to the fasty group next week.


Darrell said...

That's some NYC marathon high you're riding. Very impressive.

Joe said...

I've read the "mirror taper" is a great way to ramp back up after a marathon. Sounds like your work is holding up well...that's a terrific 10 miler.

And you are cultured, to boot...wow!

Thanks for your insight on my ITB...I appreciate it!

Joe said...
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Maddy said...

Nice run today! You are indeed speedy! Ft. Lauderdale is going to be an amazing race for you, my friend!

Runner Susan said...

Where's my plan? Somebody said they were going to send me a plan.

9:05? If I drop the equivalent of a bowling ball I might get there.

21stCenturyMom said...

It is amazing how running more = running faster. You are proof of that.

Tiggs said...

9:05 wow...yeh, I can do that...for a 5k. LOL!

I am running Houston on Jan 13. Since I haven't really thought of a plan yet, the mirror taper sounds pretty good. That means 13 for me coming up on Sunday. This past weekend, I completed the equivalent of a 26.2 mile run in the form of a nap!

Rich said...

A little bit more and you'd be flying!

Anonymous said...

Great run report - congrats on the 9:05!

Nice blog too, BTW. Found you on CRN.

jeanne said...

you're a machine!!! btw, my landline just delivered your phone message. tonight.

sign up quick for another marathon. there's one in myrtle beach feb. 14 i hear.


ShirleyPerly said...

Belated congrats on your NYCM PR!! I found your blog via Maddy and am also an Orlando-based runner/triathlete. I know what you mean about not wanting to lose fitness after a marathon. I've been saying that since my first one in 2003 :-)