Living Lucky

I took yesterday off to recover and write the epic account of my fantastic NYC Marathon experience. It was worth it. I apologize if it was too long but I had to get it down.

I also got a nice three mile recovery run in.

To make the day even better, I received an email from the good folks with Ft. Lauderdale's A1A Marathon. You see, at the NYCM Expo, I entered every enter-to-win race entry contest they had. I am holding out for Scotland but for the time being the A1A gang want me to come run for free on February 17. Woo Hoo!

Average low: 60; high: 77. Maybe a little toasty but they start at 6 a.m. so that may be bearable. Ocean breezes the whole length of the course, right along the water. Totally flat. Yup, I think I can do some major reconstruction to my PR down there.

Also at the Expo I picked up a copy of John Parker's book Again to Carthage which was featured with excerpts in the latest Runners' World. Good stuff. I read half the book on the plane ride home. Now I want to go finish it.

Mark November 17 down for a 5.5-mile run in memory of US elite marathoner Ryan Shay who collapsed and died last Saturday in Central Park at the Olympic Qualifying. Run that much or more but remember him, please. It was a sad day and a great loss to his family and American distance running. The amazing hip man wrote about it. Go see for yourself.


Michelle said...

I'll be at the A1A marathon expo and watching the race. Does that sway you? Mr. Studdly too- John that is, not Sr.

Maddy said...

Your race report was amazing! I felt like (and wished) I was there!

I see a new PR in your future! Long Live the Flat Marathon Course!

Mia Goddess said...

I loved your race report. Truly and deeply. Beware of "flat" marathons....totally flat for 26.2 miles? Don't believe it! But I see a p/r in your future, for sure. :)

Joe said...

Don't apologize for the long NYCM report...that is mostly for you and I sure enjoyed it all.

Unknown said...

thanks for getting the word out, david!

good luck with the fast, flat course. ;)

jeanne said...

oh. never mind about myrtle beach. you've already got your feb marathon scheduled!