More free racing!

Friday. 4 p.m. On the phone with a reporter. Closing out details for a story running Monday.

Fellow runner C. from the 7th floor is outside my office talking to K. She waves and smiles then disappears. I sign off the phone call and K brings me a note with C's cell phone number. Note says "if you'd like to run here's an extra #. It is Sunday @ Sea World 10K, 7:15 a.m. start."

You can surely call me Shirley but I won't answer. I do respond to number 58 though.

Shay. I did my 5.5 for Ryan Shay this afternoon. He probably would not have approved, given that I am racing tomorrow, but, hey, it's free. I 'll give it my best.

Cross Country. Today were the high school cross country state championships at Little Everglades race park in Dade City, FL. Went there last year to see the magical victory by our home town boys. This year six of the seven runners set personal records with times that would have beaten their champion selves last year. This time the field was stronger and Winter Park finished fourth. They were all knocking off runners on the negative split. They moved up from a seventh place half way position. All the mommas, poppas, girl friends and alumni parents (me) are still proud.


Darrell said...

Congrats to the HS cross country team.

Joe said...

It was moving to run for Ryan, wasn't it? How sad.

Good luck in the 10K freebie today. Have fun with some speed work.

jeanne said...

did my 5.5 for ryan too.

i'm guessing you'll finish the 10k in what, 38 minutes?

Jank said...

Sorry the free 10K didn't work out so well.