Back in the Sunshine

Today was a day of travel. Slow, unhurried travel without the anxiety of having to be somewhere by a certain time. Just a specific distance to cover. A marathon of a different ilk.

I have had many memories of yesterday's run course through my head in the 24 hours since I finished. I plan to take tomorrow off to recap it and post.

I was relieved to see the NYCM organizers had my time printed correctly in the New York Times today. I was worried when I saw the Athlete Alert email that went out to a few of you. The alert was correct up to the final time which came out 5 hours plus, which was way wrong.

Anyway, the official time was 4:46:44. Hey I beat Katie Holmes! In fact Susan and I must have passed her somewhere along the course because we were the last to start and she ran much slower than we did.

I saw many medals around necks in the airport today. A proud crowd heading home in glory. As Mrs. T asked, "What other day would you ever wear your medal?"


Black Knight said...

Thanks for the comment on my (former) running blog and the wishes. Congrats for your PR!

Danny said...

my friends were surprised that i wore it out to dinner. damn straight!! i'm bringing it to work today...