Euros wipe out Expo

I made it to the North in good shape. Flight got in early. Had nice lunch here in Jersey with my brother. Took NJ Bus transportation to Port Authority. Walked over to Javits Center for the Expo. Checked in very quickly. No line! Got my chip scanned, goody bag and turned my way towards the souvenir merchandise. What was left of it. The Europeans and others from around the globe who came in early scarfed up all the more popular apparel items in the most popular sizes. Damn, I hate that the dollar is so cheap to the euro.

I did pick up a gray windbreaker that I'll want tomorrow. It is supposed to be windy and sunny. I didn't see any hot boots for Runner Susan or anything in her color. I remember seeing pics of her closet and there was no ING orange in the collection. She may not be too happy. Maybe she'll settle for pink.

I ran into Tom W. from the Track Shack at the expo. He is here as a hired pro to help run the logistics for tomorrow's International Friendship Run.

Took the wrong bus back to NJ but we got off about a five minute drive from the house and B. came to pick us up. Big spaghetti and meatball dinner did me just right.

Sadly ... no photos yet.


ShoreTurtle said...

Good luck on Sunday! I'll be cheering you on...

Rich said...

Welcome to the Big Apple ... and the Garden State.

Lets get some pics!

Darrell said...

Good Luck with the marathon on Sunday. You are going to love it.

Don't pass up the chance to witness the Olympic Trials marathon. It is a rare opportunity, I'm envious.

Run well!

Jank said...

Go, David, Go. You are going to own the Apple.

Joe said...

Glad you are there, even if the Euro ruled over the Dollar!

Sleep well...run well...rock on.

Marlon Powell said...

Go, David, Go. You are going to own the Apple.