Spirit Week starts early

You are probably not familiar with this too much but it happens ... every year ... in any number of ways.

Army plays Navy in football next Saturday. I've never been to the game but I am going this time. The week prior to the game is historically known as Spirit Week when each academy gets all worked up about dissing on the other and pulling various pranks.

Well, this year, Army's team stinks so the most likely victory is in the off-field arena; and it's never too early to start.

It seems that somehow, a number of West Point sympathizers - and by that I am not ruling out the USMA cadets who attend Annapolis on an exchange program - have managed to kidnap (no pun intended) the Navy goats. All three of them. Notice the military issue flashlight in use.

Word is that the perps were not going to be released for Thanksgiving break until the goats were returned.

Stay tuned.

P.S. I finally saw the results of Sunday's 10K. Bill Rodgers (not Frank Shorter) ran in my age group for the win. I finished sixth behind him.


jeanne said...

Sixth???? AFTER BILL ROGERS?????? I'm not sure i can keep reading you after that news. I'm not worthy.

i hope no goats were injured in the making of this photo.

Jank said...

Go Navy. Beat Army.

I worked for a company that did some of this digital animation for the spirit bits a while back.

Anonymous said...

Serious about your 10K results! That's quite impressive. Question, when you did start back to running in 1999, how long did it take you to get back to it and to racing?

Joe said...

Go Army. Beat Navy.

Love the pranks...oh, that the technology and cleverness flows over into psyching out the bad guys once that graduate, eh??

#6 after Bill Rogers...wow, that's heady company!!!

Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy the kids at home.

21stCenturyMom said...

Bill Rogers would be home and showered before I got to the finish line. Way to go!