I have a litany of excuses for why I only covered 19.5 miles in 3 hours and 30 minutes today. Few of them will likely occur on January 29 so I have no problem throwing them out there and lamenting:

1. I ran from 1030 until 1430.
2. The temperature ranged from 70 to 75 during that period.
3. I was on my feet way too much last night at a New Year's Eve party.
4. I stayed out too late and didn't hit the pillow until 130.
5. I didn't have enough Gu.
6. I ran a hard 10 miles on Thursday.
7. I cut the route short and walked a half mile.

Like I said, none of these will recur in Miami. The only nice thing about today was I got four hours of sun since I ran without a shirt.

Happy New Year good friends.


marathena said...

Kudo's for getting out there on 1/1!! I am lying around being lazy!! Great job even though you though it was sub par!!

jeanne said...

Ditto! "only 19.5 miles" eh?? My arse!

Rae said...

Ugh, what a tough, hot run - but at least you stuck it out. So we're not going out clubbing the night before Miami??? I thought that was right after dinner and bar hopping. Hmmmm... I had a very similar run the night after my birthday celebration. I will never, ever attempt a hot/humid run the morning after a major celebration!!!

Tammy said...

I'd be happy w/that time. I did do 18 in 3:22 though... so it's comin' along :) Now, it's sweet taper time!

Happy New Year!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I guess the partying the night before if going hurt your run a bit. Just watch the prerace celebrations and you'll be ok.

Sun? There's sun somewhere? Sun has been banned in Michigan until June. Glad somebody is getting some.

robtherunner said...

Time on your feet is always a good thing. Happy New Year!