I Missed the Train

It was so hot last night I threw all the covers off, opened the window and turned on the fan. I still slept like poop.
At 530 I peeked out of one eyelid and saw the time. Before the second eyelid cracked it was 600.
Okay. OKAY! I'm up.
No headache. Just not rested.
I went to the track.
Goal: 3x1 mile @ 8:30 pace; 3x800m @ 8:00 pace.
Result: 2x1 mile @ 8:30 pace. Super-sweating from the rum, I went home. I was actually pleased with my pace but had no stamina.
Today was back-on-the-wagon day. Oops. No it wasn't. I stopped for a beer on the way home from work. Did I mention work was toiling enough to make me want a beer?


Rae said...

Sounds like the typical first day back after the holidays! They should think about handing a beer out to each employee on their way OUT on these types of days...Why can't every day be Saturday!

Susan said...

Sounds like you recovered well . . . take care of those trains, they come in handy on occassion.

Sarah said...

Way to tackle those intervals, lack of sleep and all :-)

Vince Hemingson said...

Playing hurt is a sign of character... or something like that. At least that was what our coach always said. :)

I always think of running with a hangover as a little bit like running after I've just shot myself in the foot, another of life's little self-inflicted wounds!

Free drinks in a hospitality tent always seem like a god idea right up until the next morning...

Olivia said...

drinking ruins sleep (don't i know it!) and makes the next day ass hard to get moving - even if you don't feel 'hungover'. way to hit the pavement.