1/4 Marathon

I had all good intentions to do a rehearsal of next Sunday in Miami:

1. Get up somewhere between 430 and 530,
2. Have some breakfast and run at 600 for an hour.
3. Run at race pace.

Alas, at 700 I woke up and resolved to run the last hour of my marathon starting at 900.... pause ... at 910 I woke up again and got out of bed. By 1000 I had finally dressed; had a banana and glass of water; and done some ITB/abductor stretches with a dog leash.

On my run I had the following thoughts:

1. I sure have a bunch of little injuries that have been "healing" while tapering yet make themselves even more well known when I head out to run; unlike when I was tight as a drum in heavy training.
2. It was hot, about 73, the top of what it ought to be like next Sunday. That was probably good to run in but the heat wore me out.
3. I was imagining myself on the course. Was I going too fast? It sure felt like it.
4. I found my long distance pace after about two miles. Everything up to that point was uneven but I have no intention of doing a warm-up at the marathon.
5. I felt myself getting even faster and smoother towards the end of the run and all the injuries were in their place and manageable.

My time was 1:00:15, a 9:00 pace, which was too fast; about 15 second per mile too fast. I guess doing those 4x800 repeats on Thursday did not bleed off enough energy to hold me back today. I have my itinerary all set for next weekend. I still need to do my packing list. There are so many items to be prepared for including bringing my own race day morning breakfast. Body Glide. If it's going to be hot Body Glide has to be in the bag. Somebody shoot me if I forget.

The rest of the day has been pretty darn spring-like. 81 degrees, sunny, burgers on the grill, a beer (my last before the race) and NFL play-offs to watch.


april anne said...

Let the madness end! You will do great next Sunday! :)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...


Have a great race next weekend!

Rae said...

I'm green with envy! We've had the worse weather all weekend. The heat is going to be SUCH a shock to my system. I'm starting to pack tomorrow! I printed a lot of the participant info things off today. If there's anything you want Brent to have for you he's planning to meet me at mile 16 and run the last time, I'm sure he'd be glad to have some stuff to hand off to you!

Sarah said...

Hope you enjoyed the playoffs! Lots of celebrating in the city tonight :-)

You're going to do well next weekend...you sound relaxed and well prepared!

Body Glide! Body Glide! Body Glide!

Darrell said...

Not that you should change anything at this point, but something to consider for the next go 'round.
I use Bodyglide myself, just thought I'd share the info.

Run strong next weekend.

susie said...

Counting down...do something fun on your birthday on Thursday, will you? But don't celebrate too much--because you have a huge weekend coming up.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

The road to hell is paved with...well you know.

Try to hold on now, David. Don't let the last bits of Taper Madness get to you. You'll be great. Oh, pack the damn bandaids!

21st Century Mom said...

Pre-marathon cheering begins:

Gooooooooo David!

You are so ready and so well trained. I predict you will have a great race!

Running Chick said...

i'm giddy with anticipation!!!

Susan said...

You are going to run so well - you've prepared perfectly.

Joe said...

So the week will drive you nuts...you've planned and now you are here!! Burn up your energy and let us know how crazy it gets this week!!

Michelle said...

if you forget your body glide you will be shooting yourself when you are done!