But you forgot my neck!

Sherlene is my massage therapist. A damned good one too. She asked what hurt. I told her and she proceeded to pop (and I mean POP) the lactic acid right out of my muscles. She said I was not hydrated well enough so I've been passing water right through me for two days now. I'm clean and my gils are filling up.
I told Sherlene I had a sharp pain on the outside and just below my knees when I fold my leg in and lean on my knee; sorta in the bony area. Ah ha. My ITBs are yacking with lactic acid. She popped them hard. Yowzer! They do not hurt at any time except when I put pressure on the one spot on each knee.
She also told me my adductors were tight and grainy and worked me over very well. Except my hour was up before she got to my neck, which was out of alignment, and my arms. Oh well; I need my legs more than anything the next two weeks. I gave her my credit card and said she can repair me after the marathon.
Today's Run
I was sore from the massage and late getting up. I got caught up watching the most incredible Netflix movie/documentary last night, the March of the Penguins. It was absolutely amazing what Emperor penguins must endure in Antarctica to reproduce their species every winter. And the photography (southern lights included) was superb.
Anyway I scrimped on the six mile run to only go five. Two at race pace and three at tempo pace. Race pace went just a little slower than I wanted but the tempos were fast. I hope I still have some of that at mile 23.

No word yet on how that 3rd grader got to the mall Friday night. We had a reported gun on a bus to deal with.
Race on Saturday?
If the temps are like Miami on Saturday morning (60-65) I'll run, not race the 5K (until that little voice screams at me, "He/she's passing you!"). If it's cooler, I'm following plan and not running until Sunday. Thanks for your advice.


Susan said...

What is that a picture of?

Ack. I was hoping for information about the 3rd grader. Now I need the bus story too . . . you've got every mother's worst nightmare rolled into one post!!

I am so glad that I'm not an Emperor penguin.

21st Century Mom said...

I thought March of the Penguins was cool (ha ha - get it?? - cool!) and I loved the photography but I thought they were overly anthropomorphic in their commentary.

I couldn't figure out how they got so close to the penguins until they showed the footage that ran during the credits. That was really amazing. And truth be told, I felt much more sorry for the camera crew than the birds. The birds are built for that weather - the humans, not so much.

I'm really curious about this message/lactic acid deal. How long after a run do you go? Lactic acid doesn't just sit in pools in your body - it dissipates all by itself.

I think I drank too much coffee this morning {type, type, type, type, type}. I went swimming, not running.... and no - I won't tell you all about my workout although at the rate my fingers are moving I could. Oh geez - time to chill out.

Rae said...

I've been dying to see March of the Penguins, thanks for the review.

NOTHING beats a good massage! I'm having a whole spa day after we get back from Miami.

I called the hotel today to change around my reservations a bit and she said it's been gorgeous and 70 lately! Although I hope for 50 between the hours of 6-10.30, THEN lots and lots of warm sun!!

susie said...

A massage. That's what I need. Thanks for the reminder....so are you making the Tobin's invitation?? :)

Mia Goddess said...

See, this is why I'm such a whimp about getting a massage (and I truly believe I need one ~ very badly) but those deep tissue ones sound so scary! 3rd graders? Guns? The hell?

beverly said...

The third grader thing gives me a pit in the stomach. Yuck. Let us know the deal.

I'm so interested to read about your running, not racing! Good luck with that!

My (third grade, incidentally) son and I watched March of the Penguins together. I never expected to start the "talk" with mating penguins. You're right ... amazing photography in that film.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I loved March of the Penguins. I have the poster framed and it hangs in my spare bedroom which I've dubbed the Penguin room.

Good luck with your race on Saturday.

Jank said...

I'm like the only guy in the US who didn't dig the penguins. there's the overly anthropomorphic thing. But the point at which the movie lost me was when they flashed the picture of the seal - the evil seals, with the sharp and jagged teeth...

Sure, there's nature red in tooth and claw, but it bugged the snot out of me.