Nope. Didn't Race.

Where's the Maytag Guy?
915 - Here I sit waiting for a Sears repairman to call and make a third visit to fix the washing machine. #1 misdiagnosed. #2 used duct tape to fix it because he didn't have the right part. #2 also left it so it spews the waste water all over the floor. #3 will get scrutinous management from this homeowner. Of course, the appointment is sometime between 800 and 500, with no more precise estimate than their repair record so far.
Park Avenue 5K
The phone rang at 600. SH was in the driveway to take #2 son CT to the race for volunteer duty. CT was still sound asleep. Mom got to wake him up. The cross country team was expected to work the race, snipping championchips off sneakers, pouring water, timing, etc. CT just returned to report the winner covered the 5K in 14:59. Pretty good, right there!
It's okay that I didn't run. I would have run bandit if I'd gone since I was determined not to "race." The temps are Miami equivalent but they will be again tomorrow too, which is my scheduled training day (1 hour run).
Bird Poop
The sun is out. Heading to 79 today. Doors are open. A bright red cardinal just flew through the open door on the pool deck into the TV room. The dogs are having a very excited moment right now. The cardinal is chirping up a storm and flying into glass windows looking for the exit. Nope. Not there. Okay. Dogs got her out. Phew. Just what I don't need ... scared sh_tless bird poop all over the furniture. No evidence of it (s-word edited to reduce wack search results).
Kid Crisis Update
Last week's 3rd grader walked a mighty long way to reach the mall ... apparently all on his own. A lady in the mall saw him wandering around and asked if he knew his phone number. They called his mother's cell phone. Reunited. Any further details are unknown since his mother withdrew him from school and they returned to Louisana (Katrina evacuees).
The gun on the bus proved unproven. Cops tracked down the suspect who didn't belong on that bus he rode but he was clean.
Dumpster divers for sensitive papers were abusing a privilege that afforded them a chance to raise money for a school project. Now they're closed down. That's a wrap ... until Monday.


Rae said...

79, I am so envious! It's cold, dreary, windy and rainy here. I need Miami! Warm showers beat cold showers any day!

Susan said...

David, you didn't bleep the shitless. I'm very proud of you right now.

jeanne said...

You have a deck. And a pool?!! And a cardinal!! And a killer massage. And no lost kid. And no gun on the bus. And the dumpster divers were harmless.

Man, I missed a lot in a week.

Susan said...

Being cute at my expense! Why would I expect anything different.

susie said...

Things don't seem to be settling down at work for you. At least you are keeping your sense of humor. *I* was able to spend two glorious days in RI..and the temps were around 50 (which isn't bad in the sun). I waved at the beanpot for you.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

What a day, eh!