Track Tease

Speed work repeats on the track are such a tease. You get all amped up and run fast for short distances, beating your target times for what you're supposed to pace yourself to and then you think you're really fast or something; but you're just the same because when the long and winding 26.2 mile road unfurls, it's at the same pace you usually run long distances. Perhaps it's just insurance for when you get chased by a Michigan mutt named Stupid and you forget your dazer.

I love track teasers.


susie said...

Maybe your body will remember the tease and perform during the 26.2. Do ya think? Have a good day mr. speedy.

21st Century Mom said...

Have you ever tried Yasso 800s?. Bart Yasso swears you can run your marathon time based on your Yasso time if you do them right.

Here is how they work. Let's assume that your your goal time for your marathon is 4:30 (I have no idea what your actual goal time is)

You run 800 meters in 4 minutes 30 seconds and then you run for 4 min 30 seconds at a moderate pace; Rinse and repeat. When you can hold that 4:30 pace over 10 Yassos you are golden for a 4 hr 30 min marathon.

I trained using Yassos but I ran the 800s too fast and had to stop and pant and drink water in between and I can assure you that won't work. My marathon time was nothing close to my Yasoo time. You have to at least jog the rest intervals. That means you have to find the speed pace the lets you make the repeats.

If you go to the link above you will get more detailed info.

Happy trails... I mean track!