Heavy Run

I went to the All Academy Military Ball last night with son T, his date H and Mrs. T. It was more fun than the first one we went to. We skipped it last year. Two years ago we found out about the ball just a week before the event and were lucky to get tickets. Worse, we had to sit with some Navy folks. Worst, T had the wrong uniform of the day.

This year, as a junior, all was planned far in advance ... well except the date. That came down to the wire as T waited on a long-time acquaintance (M) who was non-committal about attending. In the end we all had a great time with an enthusiastic H as his date. We were hoping he'd double-date with a former 3/7 CAV buddy but there were overriding issues. T was the oldest cadet there (and the only prior service academy student I saw) so he had the honor of cutting the Army cake after dinner. I took pics on his camera addressing the cake in samurai fashion with a sword.

Overdoing it. The downside to me attending was it ran late and I was not in bed until after 11 facing a 6 o'clock-ish start to my scheduled 18-miler. I wanted to start early and get it over soon. The forecast was for temps to top 80F and the less of that, the better.

The other downside is that I was having too good a time at the ball with several dehydrating adult beverages. As soon as someone reminded me I had a run in the morning I switched to water.

Run down. I headed out at 6:15 and used my Garmin to click off four miles from the house to downtown. I arrived just at 7:00 to join Jack, Chris and Charline. A small crowd today.

We were all laboring at slow paces with a variety of hindrances but were scooped up by Seth at the first mile. He pushed our pace and ran me down. Jack and Charline cut out to just do six. Seth, Chris and I soldiered on to finish the 10-mile loop. By the time we made it around and back downtown I was still moving but not very swiftly.

Heavy weight. I bid the two men adieu and started on my four mile return trek to the house. It was hotter. I was thirsty. Seth had run me down. I took 30-second walk breaks far too often in the last four miles. Nevertheless, I made it home in 3:07:44, a nasty 10:26 pace. It might have been even slower. The Garmin missed about four tenths of a mile somewhere. I suspect it beeped off when I bumped Chris one time.


Afterwards I stretched and took an ibuprofen. I have not been so sore in months. Everything from my hamstrings, abductors, adductors, back and feet were aching. I looked like one very old man limping around today. It was brutal. Then I weighed myself.

Two weeks ago, after running 17 miles in the heat with A and C, I weighed 155. Today after running further in as much heat I was four pounds heavier. That is an indication of how well I have managed to stuff food in my face over the last week. According to Garmin I ran off 2,200 calories today. I need to step away from the kitchen.

Final numbers: 1,208 miles in 2007 (101/wk). I had only targeted 1,000 for the year. Lifetime cume (since 1999): 5,653.

Blog posts: 153, exceeding 150 for the third straight year.


Joe said...

Boy, all that extra sugar over the holidays takes a toll. Good analysis, though.

Hope to see some pix of the military ball, w/ samarai!!

Maddy said...

an 18 miler sounds like a great way to cap off 2007. Nice job on miles run, posts to your blog and your lifetime miles.

peter said...

Impressive numbers. I have had an 18 miler on my schedule now...well, for weeks. So good job getting 'er done. Sounds like a nice ball. Hope we get to see a pic of your son cutting that cake!

Answering your question, for years for 10 min. every other Fri. I stood outside cell phone in hand with no response. At least I know I did my best.

Just12Finish said...

Forecast to top 80F. Unbelievable!

Good job on the 18. That many miles is tough no matter what the speed.

21stCenturyMom said...

I wonder if showing up to a military party in the wrong uniform is as awful as showing up to a party in a cocktail dress and discovering that all the other ladies are in gowns. Terrible!

Happy New Year!

Darrell said...

I heard "step away from the kitchen" in that talking car alarm voice.

If today's 18 miler felt heavy, at leasty you know why. In business when you surpass your goal they always set the next year even higher. So what's the target for 2008. 1200 plus an extra 10%?

Jank said...

Happy New Year, D.

Glad to hear the all is good at the Point, and congrats on a huge year.

Neese said...

I can't believe I weigh more than you :( something else I should work on pre-marathon...and thanks for the increased long run tip, that's exactly what I'm thinking about today...increasing my mileage these next several months...

Happy New Year!

Runner Susan said...

You really need to stop posting your weight online Dyvid - I'm gonna have to smack you! Happy New Year.

Rae said...

Happy New Year!!! I don't even want to weigh myself for another week or THREE! UGH!!! Have a wonderful new year and send us some of those warm temps!

jeanne said...

so much to comment on, i hardly know where to start!

First: We need photos of people DANCING! Like you and Mrs. T for instance!! We like dancing at fancy-dress balls.

and who you calling a nasty pace, willis? Paces have feelings too!

Good job on the 18. I don't know HOW you mange to do that on little sleep and boozing it up at the same time.

So I weight LESS than you but just. Obviously you are 7 feet tall.

Finally, those are some terrific final numbers! I should count up number of WORDS written. i bet i could beat ya there.

Happy 2008 my friend!