Movie Reviews

Charlie Wilson's War. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. I was thoroughly engaged in this one about the Afghan-Soviet war, but was disappointed that it ended so quickly (the movie, not the war). I wanted more but it was not delivered. I wondered if they ran out of money. Nevertheless the notion that that is how Congress works is startling. No wonder they rank so low on the government trust scale.

Kite Runner. Another great flick about Afghanistan. A stirring story and study of a life and culture far removed from the USA. It is good to see such works so to defuse the stereotypes we have of places that were barely on our radar 25 years ago.

I recommend them both.


Runner Susan said...

I can't wait to see Kite Runner, I'd like to read the book first though.

susie said...

Thanks for these. We are looking for some recs.
We are heading up to RI for three days. I'll have a Dave's for you:)

jeanne said...

just saw Kite Runner today. Fantastic. Lookking forward to Charlie Wilson's war.

Jank said...

I love me some Congress.