Catching up

I know. I haven't written. I haven't commented. I threw a few A-N pics up and went about recuperating and recovering from the weekend away. On top of that there's been a busy week of evening activities.
Monday I ran at night because I skipped the long run in Baltimore.
Tuesday was a lecture at the college by a "heavy" (man!) philosopher from Serbia who's name I cannot spell much less pronounce. He was thought provoking.
Last night we had free tickets to see the Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts flick about the covert war in Afghanistan back in the 80s. Pretty good flick but I wanted it to go longer.
Tonight I ran six miles at a brisk tempo pace (sub 9s) and caught up on a hundred emails.
Now I am here again.
We shall return to normal patterns again tomorrow (I hope).


jeanne said...

It's tough being a man-about-town, isn't it???

sounds like a nice, full week.

Neese said...

thanks for your comment and support :)... great job knocking out 6 @ sub 9, hope your patterns turn out to be normal...I'm hoping for the same this coming week..