Kudos to all racers this weekend

Susie and David
Donald & Tyler

whoever else ....

I went out and ran 16.2 this morning and felt it. I skipped last weekend's 10 so was a little out of "the shape."

Got it done. Felt stiff. Stretched. Loafed all the rest of the day.

Made room reservations at the Riverside in Ft. Lauderdale for the A1A Marathon. Mmmmm.


Runner Susan said...

I have my reservations for Austin already too . . . I'm a little lost on my schedule though.

jeanne said...

thanks...we felt your presence...in fact, we talked about you NONSTOP!

Darrell said...

Normal? what's that?
That's a cool lucky break there with A1A.

Bex said...

Hi David! Finally catching up on my blog-reading. Nice track workout, by the way.