Christmas wrappings

I rose before the rest of the family to get my run in December 25 before the day's festivities bled my enthusiasm dry. It was a bit cool but okay for a singlet. I hobbled up to the track and lumbered through 12x400s at wide ranges of lap times, from 1:42 to 1:49.97. I saw a former dean from my college days walking laps 35 years later. Surprise.

The family stirred when I got home. The boys rifled through their traditionally packed-to-the-toes stockings that Mrs. T always fixes for them even after 20 years. Now it's full of toiletries, boxers, movie passes, chocolates and checks.

A breakfast quiche and mimosas got us started. I was happy right from the start to receive an external hard drive from son T. Sister A topped that with a Garmin! It's not as heavy as it looks. I went for a test drive run Wednesday morning to make sure it works. It works.

Everybody was pleased with their gifts and the day was topped by a splendid roast beef dinner with many fixin's including Yorkshire pudding. We had plenty of joy and glad tidings in our house.


Darrell said...

There is something special about a run on a holiday. It's a free day with so much potential.

jeanne said...

you're a machine.

tuesday was my swim day, and oh dear: POOL CLOSED! nothing for it but to NAP ALL DAY!
sounds like a lovely christmas.

peter said...

I'm with NBTR, I lay in bed in the morning and made it a real holiday and didn't run! It felt great. But I'm impressed that you did LAPS on the special day. Watch out Lauderdale M. I'm glad you spent a happy day with your family.

Runner Susan said...

If I used my Garmin anymore I'd say I was jealous. But I'm not! Not at all. Who needs a new Garmin anyways?

Where's my pudding?

Tiggs said...

I'm 28 and my husband has taken over responsibility from my mother of packing me a stocking each year! The stocking the most fun thig to "open!" This year mine had a Tiffany bracelet in the bottom! Woot!