Another lovely day in a runner's life

I slept in this morning so did not do repeats as scheduled. Instead I did them tonight when I got home. The difference? About 25 degrees; from 41 to 66.

I dropped 3x1600 in progressively faster times: 7:56, 7:51 and 7:46. I could have done more but I was hungry and done.

I also sang all the praises of you, my blogger friends, in an essay submittal to the A1A Fort Lauderdale Marathon, on why I like to run and especially look forward to running their race. Why would I do that? To win a pair of free tickets on JetBlue. Hey I won free entry into the A1A race while at the NYC Marathon expo. I am riding the free and lucky train until it stops.


Rae said...

Wouldn't that be awesome if you got the free tix, too!!

Joe said...

I'll bet you did go on and on!! Hope your lucky streak continues!!

Jank said...

Free and lucky are two great words that go great together.

jeanne said...

aw we'd better leave some damn good comments then!

hey, jet blue people: david is GREAT!

who knew you could sleep in in the a.m. and run in the p.m.???? i'm serious. this is how dumb i am.

Darrell said...

I'm hoping lightning strikes twice for you. That would be pretty darn cool.

Runner Susan said...

If you win free airfare I'm gonna have to get really mad at you. No one is that lucky.