Army-Navy 2007

Earl Weaver taught me some great bar tricks back in the 70s.
Jeanne taught me some great ed world tricks.
The Army mule gave Mrs. T all the spirit she needed for the big game.
T was happy to spend some time with Mom and Dad in the upper deck sunshine.
Army Strong.


peter said...

Some good looking people in this post! Your son exudes dash and elan.

I do feel safer, knowing that Army is on the job, And hey, they scored!

Joe said...

Army strong, indeed. Great photos. Glad you had a good time, even if the game didn't go Army's way.

Runner Susan said...

dash and elan? I'll go with that. Did army win?

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice photos. Looks like ya'll had fun despite the Squids winning.

Darrell said...

Nice six pack on the mule.

Just12Finish said...

Sharp looking cadets.