It's always like that

Whenever I get a massage I feel great until the first time I run. It seems as though all the taut muscles that were in perfect alignment to get me from one step to the next before the massage, get all loose and uncontrollable after the massage. It feels like I am running on stilts requiring much effort to center up and acquire good form again.

I ran for eight miles this morning in 1:19, a 9:44 pace. I expect more in the days ahead.

Santa came by the neighborhood tonight, complete with police and fire escort. All the little kids were out with their mommas. Dads were there with dogs on leashes in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other; I went out with our fox terrier to mix and mingle. I was a little alarmed when Santa called me out of the dark shadows by name. Who was that bearded man? He said something about being a bad boy and getting coal in my stocking.

Just my luck. Jeanne talked to Santa already.


Joe said...

Maybe Santa thinks massage is a waste of time :-)

jeanne said...

ya play, ya pay.

it's a simple equation.


Darrell said...

And I've been fooled all along thinking you were a fine up standing member of the community. But you can't fool Santa!

Runner Susan said...

I worked on my form a lot during my last half. I think it helped. But I think what would help the most is if I decrease that fork to the mouth form I love so much.

susie said...

He knows what you've been....
How does that go?
Hmmm, hope your holidays are a blast despite Santa. We're headed to RI for three days-a whirlwind tour.