The year is winding down so it's time to reflect on the numbers for running.

Miles so far: 1,166 (new record); Lifetime: 5,624.
Average per month: exactly 100
+/- to goal (1,000): 196 ahead (projected)
PRs: two marathon PRs but not nearly as good as I want. I will continue to learn to run those suckers and get down to something closer to four hours than five.
Other PRs: 200 meters, 800 meters, 1600 meters, and 3 miles.
Races: 11; two Wholes, a 10-miler, 8K, six 5Ks, and a 3-miler.

Plans for 2008: Two marathons (A1A and Chicago); a half and a handful of 5K-20Ks. Nothing new in my scopes but I'll consider anything so long as it fits into a plan.

Without a plan I do not run a disciplined life.

Thursday night I bopped around the Sunday 10 mile loop in the dark. I felt fast at a 9:25 pace.


Just12Finish said...

2 marathons a year - way to go!

Darrell said...

Looks like you had a pretty darn good year on the running front.

You lost me on the +/- to goal: 196 ahead. No way your planning that kind of milage to close out 2007. I'm not sure why my little brain can't quite figure out what you meant.

Enjoy the remainder of 2007 and all the best in 2008.

jeanne said...

what a terrific year! you my hero.

now let's get you to 100 miles/week. heh.

Joe said...

A plan is central. Good foryou.

the marathon is an elusive and master teacher. I appreciate watching what you are learning.

Runner Susan said...

pretty impressive David. Makes my 567 look half of your year.

Oh wait. It is. Woe is me.

Jank said...

I'm with Susan.

But why not tack on the extra 4 and make it an even 1200? Round numbers are so much prettier.

21stCenturyMom said...

Impressive - very impressive. I'm all for getting better, not older.

"Without a plan I do not run a disciplined life"

You think this might explain the massive quantity of triple cream cheese I ate yesterday?