Blue in an upset

I am not from Michigan. I am from the Northeast yet I have found myself rooting for the Big Ten teams every year in the Capital One Bowl (well except for Ohio State). This year it was unranked Big Blue from Ann Arbor against the Heisman winner-stocked and 10-point favored Florida Gators.

It was a fantastic game with lots of amazing offense, some mind-numbing turnovers and some polar-opposite defensive efforts. Michigan's quarterback Henne was superior to Tim Tebow, late of the New York Athletic Club, in the passing department. Much of the Wolverine success was due to its offensive line blocking. Henne had all day.

Tebow was rushed often and pancaked more than once as he let go of several weak throw-away passes. Michigan made it close by turning the ball over on two fumbles and an interception. The Gators surprised with a fake punt to keep a TD drive alive. It was a great game.

Michigan 41, Florida 36. Sellout; predominantly orange and blue. Pre-game and halftime (non-school band) shows were entertaining and not too contrived. Michigan's "Hail to the Victors" is still ringing in my head.

National Guard Army Blackhawks provided the pre-game flyover which made me proud. Seeing Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr go out a winner made me happy. After 25 years in the college football business I never knew a finer man who was a head coach than Lloyd Carr.

Running. I started the New Year off on the right (and left) foot. T and I went to the track for some intervals. He had resolved to run every day this year. I would bet against it if I had a taker.

I had 8x800s to knock out which was asking a lot after last night's festivities: movie with Mrs. T (Atonement, good one) and champagne at midnight with her and T.

So I did my 800s while T did his own sets, mostly 200s and 400s at sub-6-minute pace. I cranked all mine out below 4:00, with an average of probably 3:55. They were hard after that 18-miler two days ago. It was still high 60s here when we ran. Mrs. T joined us by walking laps with the two fox terriers as we ran. It was a family affair.

Cold weather. I don't know what the rest of you are getting but our 80s of Sunday will be in the 20s on Thursday morning. It hasn't been that cold in Central Florida since 2003.


Darrell said...

20's in Florida, really? I guess once every 4 years isn't all that bad. Think layers.

peter said...

20s. That's my kind of running weather. Throw an extra layer on and enjoy it (bring gloves and a headband).

ShoreTurtle said...

Thanks for cheering the wolverines to victory. I looked for you on tv, but I didn't see you.

Joe said...

Thanks for pulling for the Big 10. Michigan did well in that game, indeed, I was happy for them.

Not so Illinois...oh my.

I'm just happy my Boilermakers won their bowl game, albeit vs Central Michgan in Detroit...after our bad season, we could only be beggars :-)

Good start for the year. Layer up, you'll stay warm...it won't last long!

Black Knight said...

Is that football? Our football is your soccer and with that kind of ball we play rugby: what a confusion! However I have all the tickets for the 6Nations tournment of rugby in Rome and....the tickets for the game Ireland-Italy in Dublin!
Happy New Year!

Runner Susan said...

It's 18 degrees where I am right now with a wind chill of 11. If it weren't for my sisterly war, I would not run today.

I was asleep by 8:35 on New Year's Eve. I'm a loser. Kenza did wake me up to watch the ball drop at midnight. And do you know who I saw? Dick Clark! OMG, when I was Kenza's age I watched the ball drop with Dick Clark. He must be, like, 150 years old now.

Maddy said...

It's going to be a cold one. I heart my treadmill!

Stay warm if you must brave out in those conditions! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

jeanne said...

Susan and I are sisters. I'm the older one, so I got to stay up later: 9:30.

that's the way to ring in the new year!

Re: football, I offer congratulations, condolences as appropriate.

Tiggs said...

I'm still crying over my Mountaineers throwing away a chance at the Big Game. Boo hoo :(

It has been around 35 in the AM in Houston!!! Freezing for here!

David said...

Is this where one Gravatars?

Bex said...

What, it's football season?! :-)

I need to run my track workouts with you b/c you're very consistent.

Anonymous said...

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