What's happening?

Winter struck this morning. It was 38F outside when I went for the paper. It didn't top 60 all day. The heat kicked on too. Cry me a river.

On the flip side of the torrential front that brought the cold snap through Saturday night I ran 17 miles earlier that morning with my new running friends C. and A. who work in the district office. They are both working their way up to longer distance races. C has only done halfs while A did one marathon and swore she'd never do it again. We'll see.

Their plan was to only do 13. As I said, mine was 17, so I drove over and parked at the midpoint of the Cady Way trail which is 6.5 miles from end to end. I headed towards the trail head where the girls parked expecting to meet them at mile 1.5 or 2.0. C. was late so I got as far as the .75 marker before they appeared. Both were still fresh and running at a strong pace. I asked if they planned to do that all morning - in the 75F sweltering heat - because it was going to be a short run if that was the case (we started at 8 a.m.).

I slowed them down a little and we fell into a groove. The girls had music playing in their ear buds but with the heat I wasn't too worried about conversation. I did develop an interest in A's stories about running the "Bacon Strip" in Gainesville, FL, a renowned running route with elevations that resemble a strip of frying bacon. They're both training for a half marathon up there the week before my A1A Marathon.

When we got to my car at the mid-point I stripped off my shirt. It was that hot.

C. had arranged for another friend to leave two water bottles at the far end of the trail which we shared. Likewise, I shared some of my Clif Blok Shots which neither C nor A had ever tried before. This morning C came by my office and left me a whole new bag of Bloks to thank me. She had gone right out Saturday afternoon and bought a few bags; she liked them that much.

On the way back to the other head of the trail we stopped at every water fountain and again at my car where I served up some ice cold Gatorade. Notice how much of this report is about drinking? It was god-awful hot.

We sloshed along back where we met up at the .75 pole, the point I had figured I needed to reach before turning around to drag my carcass back to the car. C and A went on their way. I admit I did a lot of pathetic walking over the last three miles. I was ashamed. I blame the girls for going out too fast. Yeah, that's my story.

... but I enjoyed some new young running friends who may take me up on an offer to run the Sunday morning 10-mile Winter Park route sometime soon.


Maddy said...

I had no idea it was so hot over the weekend. We were bundled up in San Diego and when we returned to MCO this morning it was in the low 40's.

Despite the heat, you still got those 17 in and that's awesome!

I would like to get in on that Sunday morning 10 miler sometime. You make it sound like fun

Just12Finish said...

Sorry to hear it's time to put away the flip flops ... groan.

peter said...

You're a veteran for the heat--think your Georgia (Atlanta) Marathon. I thought about your account while I ran (or walked) Chicago this year (hot!). It got me down the last five miles of Michigan Avenue (not quite the same as Peachtree Street, which I know has hills). 17 miles done. Good job!

jeanne said...

you and your entourages of women...like flies to honey. it was 28F here this a.m. and NOTHING could get me out that door. but tomorrow is spinning with my b.f., so i'll be up bright and early even if it's snowing. the temperature tends to rise fast in that class.

great job on the SEVENTEEN!!!

Runner Susan said...

Why weren't your feeds showing up in my bloglines? I'll have to delete you and add you again. And here I was thinking you were a slacker.