What a change

I spent 10 days at home. Went nowhere except the movies and a football game. Stayed in town. Ate, drank, slept, read a book, blogged daily and ran on plan.

I had trouble finding my parking space and office at work today. It was such a strange place to be. And that tie thing around my neck kept choking me. Dang.

Not to be overindulgent, I left work early.

I did 10x400s this morning while son T headed to the airport on his way back to West Point. The workout was good in that all the repeats came in under 1:50. Six were under 1:45 and the best was 1:42.0, a second best time at the distance. I may actually be getting faster with this training plan.

5K race in two weeks. Maybe I can PR it.


21st Century Mom said...

That's an awesome workout! I need to get to the track and soon.

21st Century Mom said...

ps - sorry about the work thing. I only had Monday off for 2 weeks so I could hardly relate.

Joe said...

Giving new meaning to the word "choke", eh??

Give my best to your son...I understand this semester at West Point can be tough, with the weather and the grind.

jeanne said...

that's some physique you got goin' there. now let's see it in a tux!

Susan said...

That tie thing doesn't sound like much fun at all. Sometimes though, I miss wearing my work clothes.

Bex said...

Nice splits. And I envy that you had 10 days off!