Pity this

You won't. You shouldn't.

I ran five miles this morning pretty fast in high 60s temps. 43:39 for a near record time over the course. I came home totally covered in perspiration from the humidity. I had to strip down in the garage to leave my kit near the washing machine. As I stretched, the doggies had a lick festival.

Poor Runner Susan sure got a dose of love and affection after her self flaggelating diet-ribe. We should all be so frank to release our demons, if we have them ... and they need to get out. I'm so glad she layed it out there. All good wishes and a secret wish that she recovers soon enough to come run Atlanta (either the full or half).


Mia Goddess said...

You're a good friend, D. I'm sure Runner Susan appreciates every word.

In a similar vain, you've been on my mind quite a bit this week; I'm doing the 2 miles a day thing, and it's going okay, but I'm interested in your speed work. I mean, as long as I'm running short, I might as well do some work on quick, am I wrong?

Anyway, I don't know anything about what "400" or "800" actually means, or how to do it....suggestions?

Susan said...

I throw the best pity parties . . . but don't you forget my hormones can smack you all the way from here.

Lest he forget how clean my monitor is, there are to be no lick festivals unless I am invited.

Joe said...

The winter weather in Florida makes up for what you suffer thru in the summer. So, good for you!

And your salt-deprived puppies!!

21st Century Mom said...

hmmm.. you stripped down and the dogs had a lick fest. I don't know.... I mean what??

We love our Runner Susan and are SO glad she decided to get all sensible on us. Yeah!

Running Rabbit said...

God what I do for those temps and humidity. Bring it on!