Wrung out

First let me tip my cap (which I did not wear today with the high 70s temps) to all the "Goofy" runners out at Disney who actually completed and survived the double run of yesterday's half marathon and today's full marathon. It's bloody hot here. Those that do them both are called Goofys. This was not the year to enjoy a Goofy.

I went to the Track Shack yesterday to register for a 5K in two weeks. The place was packed. They had some shoes on sale too. What!? My Kayanos $40 off? I bought a pair and took them out for a four mile run to break them in. It was 80 degrees. Phew. I just went really slowly.

Last night I ate way too well. A dozen mussels and a salmon dinner at the Key West-themed restaurant down at the Gaylord Palms Resort where Mrs. T's brother is attending the NCAA meetings. I had some high octane liquour after dinner with my key lime pie. Those last two stuck with me overnight.

Overnight was too short. I got up at 600 so to be at Park Avenue at 700. There was a crowd today. Six runners showed up. It was, again, hot - in the 70s. I managed to persevere and cover 15.3 miles in 2:30 but when I got home I was both sleepy and cramping slightly in my calves. I haven't quite recovered. I am wrung out.

For those of you that follow college football, the buzz in these parts is all about tomorrow night's national championship game and the Florida Gators. All the experts say they have no chance. I say, "Don't be surprised when the Gators make it interesting."


susie said...

I figured you must have been hot since we hit 73 yesterday (some said closer to 78). I am amazed you ran 15 after such a "full" night. You and your key lime pie!

Molly said...

i was secretly a gators fan when I was little even though my family went to LSU and i'm at LSU now. i think the media is not giving them enough credit...the sec is a tough conference and the gators will hold their own! hope you feel better for your next run...i know all too well what a late night can do to your running health

21st Century Mom said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Key Lime pie! You earned it.

Susan said...

15 is pretty good after a night of indulgence. I'm surprised only your calves were crampy.

Joe said...

Nice long run, David, in the heat. Good for you.

As I type, Ted Ginn just ran back the opening kickoff...and now the Gators just responded with their own drive.

Oh my.

And to think I tolerated watching Purdue football all fall....