Another good year

I finished the year of running on an up note. But first the headlines:

  • I took Mrs. T to the movies last night and we watched Babel which was an intriguing study of four families running into a lot of bad luck; each linked in some bizzare or non-bizzare ways.
  • Son T went out late last night. That was normal but my cell phone beeped at 330am and it woke me up. I tried to call him back but he didn't answer. When I came home from running he wasn't home and I started calling his cell phone every hour to see if he was alive. He had turned the phone off. He finally showed up at noon. I don't use text messaging often enough to have realized he'd told me he was crashing at some girl's house.
  • I am sunburned. I laid out by the pool reading a consuming fiction book, Wild Fire, yesterday afternoon. It was as good as it gets. I haven't laughed so much reading a book in years, if ever. I like my new color too.

So back at running: I woke up right at 700 which was too late to join the Sunday bunch. I ate a Cliff bar, had a bottle of water, packed my cooler and set off to Park Avenue. I got there 25 minutes late.

I entertained delusions of catching the group but resolved this was a good day to get in touch with my pace and form on my terms. I did a lot of that today and still managed to cross paths with Cathy, Rachel, Bob and Chris, though none of them were running in my direction.

I covered 11.3 miles in 1:43:57 which was the fastest pace (9:22/mile) I have covered all year in a training long run. That made me happy.

Everybody be careful tonight. Look out for the amateurs.

Final numbers for the year:

  • Miles - 932; Lifetime (since 1999) - 4,445
  • Average Week - 17.9 miles; Month - 78 miles
  • Races - 2 Marathons (my first ever), 1 half, 1 20K, 1 10K and 3 5Ks. No PRs


jeanne said...

Nice way to end out the year! (except for the boy scaring you like that. his bad.)

I may see babel tonight.

Runner Susan said...

4,445? That's pretty impressive. Other than Atlanta, what races are on the schedule for 2007? Any other marathons?

21st Century Mom said...

That whole "I'm crashing at so and sos" text message thing is so very 21stCentury. I had to get used to it, too. Translation - "I'm totally toasted and if I call you, you'll know it. Also - I don't do DUIs. See you tomorrow". All in all, a great message.

Impressive totals. Here's to another impressive year!

susie said...

This texting is driving me crazy, too. It takes me an hour just to reply to A's girlfriend:)
love the stats, David. Christmas pics look like fun, too. Aren't boys super cool????

Joe said...

Nice run, nice year, David. That 9:22pace will serve you well in training!

Running Rabbit said...

AHHH!!! I would LOVE to be sunburned right now!!! A little color on my pale ass! Nice.

Texting...darling it's the best...you have to get on the bandwagon with that one. This month I've sent over 2,000 texts. Shhh....don't tell my husband. Thank God I upped my plan to unlimited texting! :-)

Just12Finish said...

Sunburned? Sunburned?! Sunburned!!! Lucky you!

Jank said...

Happy New Year!

Here's to many more miles in 2007