It's my birthday and I'll shop if I want to

I woke up Thursday facing a 10 mile tempo run.It was cold (40F) and raining. I rolled over knowing I could catch up on Friday.

Friday I woke up, still my former age, and did my 10 miles with gusto (9:21 pace) in more moderate temps and just puddles to dodge. It went effortlessly. I had a mental moment of realizing I was still 54 when I was out there because my birth time was 1115.

Friday, after work, I went for an eye exam. Sort of a spur of the moment, feeling old kind of thing. My numbers came up in need of a minor adjustment but not so vital that I need to do something right now. I'll wait until I hit a tree before paying the ransom prices for high end eye glasses again. My veins and arteries were pulsating in an excellent fashion according to the doc. "Retinas of a 25-year old," he said. I might have slipped him a ten spot for that but wasn't clear on tipping rules for opthamologists. He went without.

With eyes nicely dilated, I drove home seeing the oncoming cars as incredibly bright fractured lights. My pupils were tested hard but fortunately I only had two miles to drive.

Mrs. T and I went to a nice seafood restaurant for birthday dinner. I ordered way more than I needed (crab cakes, wedge salad and broiled grouper with mashed potatoes). The wine was the most memorable item I remember. The place was busy and noisy with a sax player setting a mood, if you could hear him. I thought the joint was too noisy but we had a good time.

Saturday was all about me and Mrs. T played along:
  • Take Christmas suit to be fitted
  • Buy two pairs of casual shoes at Marshall's (I've never owned so many shoes in my life. Of course four of them are runnning shoes that are in my rotation)
  • Lunch at Greens and Grille (excellent farmers salad with broiled shrimp and five toppings)
  • Shop Bloomingdale's for new blue jeans (NOT buying here. Every jean option is no less than $150)
  • Skip Nordstrom's to avoid credit card catastrophe
  • Shop Macy's and find some Calvin Ks for the slim fit (yes)
  • In a moment of weakness I allowed Mrs. T to lead us towards the cosmetic counters where she showed me the moisturizer she believes in and there, right in front of me, was the men's version (Shiseido). Clerk: "We're giving free facials today. Would you like to have one?" Mrs. T says, "I think the birthday boy should have one!" 20 minutes later I'm taking my shirt off for Gloria who gave me a quicky facial. That was a first. Don't know that it even comes close to the benefits of a massage but I'll do just about anything once. I left with some moisturizer. After the sun damage Susie made me endure the last five summers I've got to do something to fix it. Benign neglect doesn't seem to work.
  • Redeem $300 store credit for a new piece of luggage (Georgia Marathon, friends)
  • Go for a glass of wine which led to a white pizza at Brio's, a quiet, peaceful, busy and elegant Italian restaurant.
  • Catch a movie that Susie, Mia, April Anne nor any woman teacher ought to see: "Notes on a Scandal;" however any guy who ever had fantasies about a good looking teacher will enjoy it.

Today, I made it to Park Avenue in 63F temps and the threat of rain. If it had been raining when I got up I might not have done the 14.5 miles that I did. I was plenty wet, endured a bloody nipple that made my white shirt oh so pleasant to look at; so I left it in my cooler and ran shirtless after the 6.5 mile mark. Covered the distance in 2:20, 9:40/mile pace.

The sun is out. I've got a pool to clean. See you next time.


Susan said...

I had lasik eye surgery 2 years ago - best thing I ever did for my eyes! That's not to say you need it with retinas of a 25 year old or anything. But I'm just saying BEST THING ever, since I was practically blind.

Neese said...

First thank you for your comment. Second I am bloglining your blog if you do not mind, i really enjoyed this post lol re: taking off shirt for Gloria and i LOVE white pizza!! glad to see someone else knows about it, not many people seem to

Rae said...

Let's see....a year I ago I was VERY sore and ordering room service, but pretty happy about finishing my first marathon.

So you're actually going to do some 20 milers before Georgia?? =) Highly overrated, I think. =)

When are you flying in?

Just12Finish said...

Happy Birthday David! It sounded like a great day, up until the facial! Um, not sure about that one; you're a better man than I am.

And oh, no thanks for the news about the nips. Did you read my haikus over at Josh's? http://joshmorphew.blogspot.com/2006/12/haiku-challenge-results.html

Michelle said...

when i was reading this in haste i read "the wine ws the most memorable, set a mood" i was thinking you go boy...then i reread slower- teehee. but still... you go boy. happy birthday from me, mr studdly and little miss.

susie said...

Sounds like you had a good David day. And you're not the only one with skin damage, my friend. Wooeeeee. I wish I hadn't been so stupid.
I think I'll take you up on the facial idea:)

jeanne said...

why exactly do you need to take your shirt off to get a facial?

and 40F is cold? I laugh at 40F!

And I'm slowly catching up to you in age. Funny, I just did the same thing--had an eye exam. got the same dilated pupils can't drive or read thing either.

ain't it grand getting old?!


Joe said...

Bummer about the nipple, interesting to do a facial, good job avoiding expensive blue jeans, fine time with Mrs. T.

A good weekend...happy birthday!!

21st Century Mom said...

Sounds like an Excellent birthday!

april anne said...

What a day! Happy Birthday David. May this be the best year yet.

Joggerblogger said...

:-) happy birthday

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