A beautiful people morning

Last night's dinner party went well but there was the matter of going to sleep a little late. I rely on my body and mind to wake me up. I avoid alarms. So when I woke at 625 I thought I might be late for the Sunday run.

I made it.

It was a damp morning with overcast skies. Rain had fallen sometime earlier. At least it wasn't as nasty as Dallas had it (freezing rain in the low 30s). It was a balmy mid 60s out. The sun eventually came out.

I sensed myself in a communication-less bubble. Last night at dinner I was sitting there with one of my guests and I felt some awkwardness because we had nothing to talk about. This morning, on the first two miles of our run when all the gabbing goes on, I was running by myself while everybody else was matched up talking about something. I was aware of it but it didn't bother me. When the run boiled down to me, Chris and Bob going long, we did manage to connect and talk a little. I came to find that Chris spent many summers of his youth in a beach house in Quonochantaug, RI, just miles away from me and Susie doing the same thing.

You may remember me bemoaning one of my Christmas gifts: a tome on running about 1,000 pages long. It goes so deep into analysis of biological and chemical factors that it brought back flashes of the many times I changed majors in college.

Yet, I still was sucked in by some passages yesterday afternoon about fueling while running, to maintain necessary glycogenic levels. So today I practiced my new plan. First of all, I have forgone Gu and adopted Cliff Blocks as my in-flight fuel. I cut them in half for convenience and carry them in a baggy. Works better than Gu for me.

I drank a bottle of water just before I started and popped a half-Block every 30 minutes. I found my stamina was consistent throughout the run, minimizing the pits of fatigue. Towards the end of my 16.5-miler I went with a block at 20 minute intervals as I sensed a sapped strength creeping in. It all worked today. We'll try it some more next week.

I covered the distance in 2:39:35, a 9:43 pace which beats last week at a mile shorter distance (by six seconds/mile).

After I stretched I changed clothes in the car trying not to offend the eyes of Sunday morning's beautiful people out for a stroll. I took a two block walk down to Starbuck's and used a gift card to buy a scone and tall Americano. I grabbed some newspaper and caught a prime seat outside on the sidewalk to people-watch while I refueled and read. I had finally gotten my act together to join the beautiful people on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Florida.

Thank you. Thank you. Life is good. Especially Sunday mornings with long runs and the beautiful people. (Track workouts come in a close second).


21st Century Mom said...

Sunny Sunday mornings with a latte and the paper always me feel so happy. Having that follow a good run is a bonus!

Joe said...

Nice run, David, you are on a good path for Atlanta.

I'll be interested in hearing more of your comparision of Clif's vs Gu. Thanks for sharing that detail.

susie said...

Amazing coincidence, eh? I'm headed back up at the end of February. Can't wait.
And the bloks? I never thought about cutting them in half--great idea!

Runner Susan said...

It's been pretty icy but I haven't had too much trouble driving . . . to the Y . . . to run on the dreadmill . . . to see if I can be ready for Atlanta . . . I'm just not sure . . . the half could be a possibility . . . we'll see

I'll have to try that Cliff block trick . . . they are big . . . but my runs are so short lately, I haven't even needed water.

Just12Finish said...

That sounds like a great Sunday morning routine.

Bex said...

How do you carry the baggie? Do you pin it to your shorts? Or do you wear a fuel belt with a zippered pocket? I'm always trying to find a solution that allows me to hydrate and fuel myself yet keep my hands free and not weigh me down.

Btw, if you Google me, you'll get my Web page. Which is a bit out of date. I have to update my bio and my clips.

Rae said...

Hey! Great job on the run! You are going to be very ready for Hotlanta!!!

I am so sick of Sports Beans I picked up some Bloks the other day. I got sick of Bloks training for Miami (I will never eat another Strawberry one!!!!). They have some new flavors out now for me to get sick of!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Just popping by to say hi! So have you signed up for Gaparilla?

Molly said...

wow that sounds like a great sunday run! i'm jealous...you have to let me know if you get some of the cold weather we are getting over here in Louisiana...it's rough

jeanne said...

a starbuck's scone did you say?? You do know those things are laced with heroin? I'm just watching out for you.