I had a very therapuetic massage on Monday and when I went out to run on Tuesday morning I was feeling too loose. Laps around the track were just not so strong. I did manage to put down one fast lap at 800m but the other six times were all over the place. I was both tired, stressing over the days work ahead and wholly undisciplined.

I am not surprised. I have felt this way before.

The house has emptied. Both boys are back in the custody residence of their respective institutions of higher learning. Let us dance a moment in observation of this hallowed condition. God love 'em; they'll be back in eight weeks for spring break.

My laptop officially choked down its last triple cheeseburger and isn't getting up again. Some system discs need to be found in order to reload the operating system. Now where did I put those dang things?

More from "Lore of Running" which you'll want to file away for your next overheated run (spring time?) --- sponging off with cool water stimulates collected blood in extremities to find their way back into circulation.


21st Century Mom said...

oh to be too warm again..... Actually, yesterday after running 2 miles I had to take off my gloves and a mile later I actually broke a sweat. When I got home I was hot for a good 5 minutes. It was glorious! Thanks for the 'hot' tip (get it - double entendre alert!) I hope to need it soon.

Susan said...

We'll just have to call you Henri because you're Tooloose to track. I just crack myself up, Toulouse-Lautrec, I should be a comedian.

Or, I should wait until after the 3rd cup of coffee to comment.

susie said...

Wait until they are gone for good. You won't know what to do with yourself, and you'll miss them way too much:)
Too-loose, funny Susan!

Molly said...

sorry to hear about the crappy run. hope it improves tomorrow!

Rae said...

Massages always make me feel that way but there's no chance I would give them up!

jeanne said...

i'll start running with sponges i guess. or just keep sweating.
hee, RS is funny!