Chilly speed work

Winter seriously interrupted my January summer Tuesday. After what seemed like weeks of balmy weather near or in the 80s the thermometer took a dive and it was a chilly 49 degrees outside.

"Ha!" you say. "Wimp," you think.

"Come and suffer with me," I say. I was liking that nice weather. I actually had some sunburn.

So now that we've re-established that it's winter I can use the hibernation excuse to explain my lingering weight gain. I've been carrying for almost eight weeks now. I really should go back to my deprived nutritional plan and drop this depraved one.

So I did 5x1200s at the track Tuesday. One of the five was my second best all-time time at the distance. Weight=speed? Not possible. It was windy, cool and sunrise was a feast of colors.

The track was empty until a nice old guy came by who is always there on Tuesdays. We slowed down about the same time and exchanged pleasantries for the very first time. He's 64 and walks 2 laps, runs 4, walks 2 and runs 4 to get his fitness up. He sounded Jamaican, or at least Caribbean. Big toothy grin and very friendly.

Gator fan afterglow from the BCS Bowl will last at least three years; that's my prediction. They will be impossible to live with if past history is a good barometer. I enjoyed the home state team winning but my allegience ends with the game. Sadly, Gators will sing the refrain of victory over and over.

Son C took Mrs. T's car to Gainesville on Monday to watch the game with high school pals who go there. It was his first college "road trip." Blessings were countedwhen he returned home in one piece the next afternoon (and so did the car).


21st Century Mom said...

Deprived for depraved? Sounds harder than 5 x 1200. Good luck with that!

I am all too familiar with the sense of relief one gets when the kid and the car get home in one piece. I never seems to end, either.

Susan said...

I'm so ready for warm weather. Summer is teasing us here because it's going to be 68 degrees today.

Joe said...

Gee, can the snowplows be far behind :-)

Neat that the speed work is going so well for you.

jeanne said...

Finally! it is written! Weight=speed! all bets are off!

winter is moving in here too (well today anyway). Down to 42F. It was chilly but layered up I felt fine. It's when it gets in the 20s that the real fun starts.

Running Rabbit said...

Winter....aren't you cute...it's been cold and rainy here!

Mia Goddess said...

deprived...depraved...good one!

It's supposed to hit 19 degrees F by tomorrow. People here in Nor Cal are losing their minds!