Issues and back ups

I have been having a few appliance issues. The dishwasher decided to leak while running. I couldn't turn it off without turning off the power at the breaker. Did that. Dishwasher power = laptop power meaning I switched plugs. Repairman came, turned off dishwasher and restored power. A week later we still wait on new motors and wash by hand.

Meanwhile, somebody moved my laptop plug back and, ever since, I've been having hard drive and configuration problems. I could go blank at any moment with another SERIOUS HARD DRIVE ERROR. I've cleaned disks, defragged, restored and rebooted with last known working config and I still get slow processing and occasional messeages like the one above.

So my message for the day to all of you is "Back up your data and picture files today!" You'll thank me later.

So out on the streets of Winter Park I took a little run around my favorite 5-mile loop yesterday morning. It was a tempo run. I gave it a valiant effort and was rewarded with a PR time for the distance: 42:26.5. I am loving this training. I'm going long Sunday for 15 + 10% miles.

In the world of education, one of our charter schools decided to send one of their classes on a march and sit-in to the district office to "commemorate MLK Jr. I always associate marches and sit-ins with protests so I was not so crazy about them showing up and plopping down in the district office lobby. They were good though; reading MLK Jr and civil rights books silently, with signs that had his picture and initials. They essentially immersed themselves physically in the benign act of marching, sitting and standing out in a crowd.


Runner Susan said...

Get yourself a mac and you won't have this problem. I'd keep it clean for you too.

21st Century Mom said...

Runner Susan is funny. If you do have that problem with a Mac (and the drives do fail sometimes) it cost about 11billionty dollars to recover them.

I use an internet service (ibackup.com) to back up my system every night. No the photos - I burn those to CD. The rest of the files, though. Then, when I get a new computer I can just restore everything at the push of a button. All that for 10 bucks a month!

jeanne said...

yeah, susan, hate to burst your bubble but my kid's hard drive failed on her powerbook, and she lost everything. I can't afford $10/month to back stuff up. I will regret this one day.

meanwhile, back to david, who had to WASH DISHES BY HAND!!! but can run 15 miles!
What is wrong with this picture?!?

Joe said...

One of my weekend projects is investigating on-line back ups...I have the same fear.

And, regrettably, Macs also crash!

Just12Finish said...

I know I've said it b4, but your running/traning is impressive. Then I just remembered, it's summer where you live ...