I swear I saw ...


I went to see Lion King with Mrs. T here in town and, in the second act, I was watching attentively when the grown up Nala, lioness heroine of the pride, came bounding across the stage and I immediately had this image of Bex running. Lord knows why but it sure had me thinking.

The show was excellent. The seats were center balcony which was fine. What was not fine was the sicko next to me who kept sneezing, blowing his nose and coughing. I confined myself to the eastern half of my seat which Mrs. T tolerated. Perhaps she thought I was trying to nuzzle up to her.

Today I went for four miles very easy. I made it so. Then I was a good doo-bee to my car by going to have the tires rotated.

Dinner party here at the house tonight. Loooong run tomorrow morning. Massage with Sherlene on Monday.


21st Century Mom said...

Love the Lion King.

Thanks for tipping us off to the secret life of Bex.

Airborne is your friend. Drink up!

susie said...

Or EmergenC. It works. I swear.

jeanne said...

ha!! what a compliment! I'm pretty sure that was her twin sister though. But Bex has surprised me before.

My kid saw this show in london and loved it! It's on my list.

Sick people. Stay home already!

Rae said...

I HATE sick ppl!!! How rude was that!!!!!!!