First let me give thanks to the Florida weather gods that restored a bit of normal weather to us today. After four days of "cold" stuff we got back up to 80F today.

It was so cold here this week. How cold was it?I skipped running Tuesday and Wednesday. The former because I thought I had to be at a meeting over on the coast at 830. I skipped the sacred speed work. Go figure. The meeting started at 1000.

Wednesday was roll over and sleep day followed by an evening cultural excursion to the Shakespeare Theatre for an excellent rendition of King Lear. Being about an old man losing his mind, I could relate a little. On the other hand, I have a distaste for Shakespeare. It reminds me of high school English classes that I was invariably unprepared for, up in the freezer case of the Housatonic River valley.

So today I was faced with "What to run?" I opted to catch up on the speedwork and do the tempo tomorrow. If I survive that I'll run an easy 3-4 on Saturday and put down the 20 spot on Sunday. Remind me to stock up on Cliff Bloks.

The wind was blowing pretty good this morning and it was in the mid 50s. I watched the full moon set in the west and the sun rise in the east. I thought of Grove Dock.

I ran 12 x 400s with good steady times except for the first and 11th laps. Half lap recoveries in between allowed me to stay strong:
1:47, 1:40, 1:43, 1:42, 1:41, 1:42, 1:43, 1:44, 1:45, 1:43, 1:47 and 1:42.

I need reports from all northerners on Groundhog Day sitings!


Just12Finish said...

80F huh? Bummer.

april anne said...

80F?!? Sooo....I'm thinking, February vacation is just around the corner and I really miss that sun! ;)

susie said...

We are headed to King Lear ourselves in two weeks up in DC. I, unlike you, can't wait!! Of course, I am also immersed in a flurry of Renaissance Day festivities, with children spouting lines from the play and sword-fighting of the best kind. You would love it:)

Susan said...

swording fighting? i wanna sword fight.