Training is habit forming

The running routine is medicinal or addictive. I haven't decided which. Maybe that's what Runner Susan lacks: the strong addiction.

Tuesday was, as always, a delightful speed work day. I popped out seven 800s at a 10 second per mile pace better than the last time I did 800s; around 3:50 each. After doing the 23 on Sunday I thought I'd be stressed and unable to go. How wrong. I was raring to go.

This morning I only had a measly four miles to run at tempo pace so I just zoomed through that in short order. It was the second fastest tempo pace of the year for me.

I remember in January when I was less than three weeks out from running Miami and I had so many issues. This time around I am just feeling great with no sore spots, health, equipment or life issues.

The Friday night get together with RBF Washington is coming together thanks to Bex. My hosts are cued in and ready to have some fun, even join us for dinner. Another old college acquaintance will come over to see me. Susie and David are coming up from F-burg.

This is going to be fun so long as the Marines don't shoot me for wearing my West Point-Army shirt.


susie said...

I'm looking forward to it, David. I'll have my camera....so be sure to look good when you cross the finish line:)
See you at dinner.
(Your training means that you are going to fly past Clay next summer, you know?)

Michelle said...

You are going to fly by Michelle this year! Wow David, I am impressed. I thought dinner was on Sat night?
I have to shake this terrible head cold that has been lingering for the last week and 1/2 so that I can keep up with you for the first 13.1! :)

Susan said...

I've got a really strong fork-to-mouth addiction going on . . . doesn't that count?

Tuesday is also my speedwork day - although I'm not very speedy right now.

Susan said...

oh, and don't delete your pictures this time. I want and demand pictures of the RBF fest.

I also have a strong bossy addiction.

Joe said...

The prep for MCM is sure going well, David. Yeah, what a difference from January.

You will rock DC in your Army shirt!!

GP said...

MCM was the first thon I paced my twin sister in...

I liked your reference to "medicinal or addictive" ... Laughing out loud... I agree on both for my running and my horse riding.

Great good luck 2 you from Big Sky country Montana, where the hills are alive!