Glad to get that behind me

Thursday was a 5-mile tempo run. I smoked it in a top 3 time.

Today I approached my last long run as if it were race day by wearing the same outfit I'll race in. I blew the breakfast part when I had cereal instead of a bagel with my secret blueberry jam. No matter. I loaded up the cooler with water and Powerade; planting it behind the wall where I usually stash it.

The plan was to run eight miles at 515, solo in the dark , but by the light of a Grove Dock full moon. I ran in reverse direction for the similar leg scheduled at 700. I flew around the town, only seeing two groups out early. My pace turned out to be a too fast 9:15.

Back near home I rehydrated and headed for downtown. I realized I would be too early, given as how I'd gone out too fast, so I put an extra mile on the run, getting me up to 11 before meeting up with the Sunday crowd.

I had never seen so many show up on a Sunday. There were ten of us! I urged them to start up so that I could keep the juices flowing. It did not take long before I was ahead of them all with Tim by my side. He's running NY and had been out two weeks with the flu.. This was his first day back and he was only going 12.

We covered the six miles he needed to finish his 12 at a 9:30 pace. From there on I was on my own. I kept at the Gu and drinks along the route. When I hit 17-18 miles my legs started to tire. My pace downshifted. I had to deal with it mentally as if it were MCM and not Miami. None of my muscles was ripping although I had occasional cramps in my feet. They subsided as I pushed on back downtown. Finally there, I had another 10 in the books.

Could I make it home for another two miles? Well yes but it wasn't pretty. I realized that stopping is a bad idea. When I did, for water late in the run, I figured a way to get back up to running without hurting myself.

The first 20.9 miles was 3:24.22. With the last of it I was home in 3:46.37. Average pace of 9:56. Michelle - I went out too fast. We need to save ourselves for the end. Okay?


Bex said...

So you ran almost 23 miles?! Good going! I'll email you with details for the RBF pre-marathon dinner ....

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Cramps in your feet.....geesh...I hope I never got those! Doesn't sound fun.
All in all sounds like you had a fantastic run. I keep reading/hearing everyone saying that they went out too fast, I think it's just the nature of the beast. I have to keep a close eye on it myself.
Here's to tapering!!

susie said...

I am so, so proud of you. A GD full moon will do it....
This will be your race, David. I am sure of it.

Susan said...

Take a few salt packets along to help with the feet cramps. (I stole some from Wendys.)

You are going to run a great marathon. I can't believe it's almost here.

Michelle said...

Starting slower sounds good to me! I can't wait!!!

jeanne said...

oh you're going to LOVE this race!