This time tomorrow ....

It will be done.

Today was a beautiful fall day in the nation's capital. I had my host drive me the first 9 miles of the course so I could judge the hills. He offered to make excuses to all of you that, yes, indeed, I did run the race while I slipped away to avoid the hills of Arlington. The first two miles present a 200 foot elevation gain followed by a 3 degree ascent of Rock Creek. By mile 6.5 I will have used hill climbing muscles heretofore untested to such extreme.

Host Gil dropped me off at the Armory to register. The entry line snaked all outside the building. It took 30 minutes to get in but once inside everything went quickly. Running Chick Michelle was already in the Armory with her Army hubby, retired Marine dad and hubby's commanding officer while in Iraq. Only the CO will run the race. Dad and hubby are the elite support team. M and I were excited to see each other and start synching up for the run tomorrow. we have set a 9:45 mile pace as our gold standard. I may talk her down to 9:55 on the watch timer reminder and establish that as the silver medal pace to beat.

I made a technical shirt purchase. They didn't have any of what I wanted in my size so I asked a staff person to check in the back. There were none but he volunteered that that other guy over there might sell me the shirt off his back. In fact he did. So I now own a Staff issue MCM tech shirt. Oo-rah.

We met up with Rich (Plano, TX) at the Armory and called Bex to make lunch plans. We met at a tapas bar in midtown and enjoyed a late lunch and took a bunch more pictures, none of which I can post because the cable doesn't fit in any ports on the Apple. As Michelle reminded me, I am NOT to erase any picture before saving them somewhere. So I am being very careful.

Now it's time to rest and focus on the morning routine. Dinner with some old college mates is still ahead but I am in for the night. And what more can you ask for when you can have an extra hour sleep before a marathon? Sweet.

The forecast is sunny and 46F (feeling like 40) at the start with winds ranging from 15-20 mph all morning. Temps will peak at 56 (feeling like 51). I think I'll be wearing a cap and gloves. In those conditions I may not toss the long sleeve cover for awhile. We'll see.


Rae said...

GIT_R_DONE!!!!! Good luck tomorrow, you will do GREAT!!

HOOHAA!! (I don't really know how they say it but you get my drift!)

susie said...

We are having trouble trying to decide where to stand to see everyone...we may miss you until the finish. Sorry I can't be in more places, David. You will ROCK this race. See you tomorrow!!

21st Century Mom said...

Your description sounds less ominous than Jeanne's and that's a good thing.

Happy Running!

Lara said...

Those 20 mph winds will be at your back and you will fly!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Have a great day!

GP said...

As I always say before I run an ultra and all the prep... "see you on the other side".

Happy trails
Ultra GP in Montana

Rae said...

GREAT job out there today!! We've been tracking you guys all morning and freaking out when the MCM site wasn't working!!!

Can't wait to hear all about it!