MCM: 27 miles ahead

Friday was such an accomplishment day. I skipped work. That was a big accomplishment. Then I fixed the sprinkler system that would have cost me $500 if I had bought into what that estimator yahoo told me last Friday. I went to the bank. I bought an external wireless adapter so I could get my laptop back connected to you guys (the internal card went out on me). I changed some lightbulbs. Cleaned the pool. Took the car for a wash. Got all my nagging chores done that I never get to on weekends!

Then around 5 o'clock I went over to Mrs. T's museum office and whisked her off to Park Avenue for a sidewalk cafe cocktail and appetizer while the world whizzed by. That was followed by a stroll looking in shops which resulted in a skirt in a shopping bag that was not for me.

Dinner followed in the college dining hall we spent a lot of time in 35 years ago, although it's a new building now. I can remember strutting on the tables back then in the Mr. Legs competition. I won, of course. I think I have a picture somewhere to prove it too.

For my indulgence on this evening, we took in a soccer game won by the hometown boys in the last 90 seconds on a penalty kick.

Running. So many people I saw Friday night asked how I was doing and how my running was going. Mrs. T was quick to tell them I was running 15 miles Saturday morning which I had not committed to do - in my head. I was thinking more Sunday when I'd see the usual crowd. I had no "date" for Saturday.

When I got up today I thought of Flipperhead racing in Hartford so wistfully imagined I might catch some of her good vibes. I was not really mentally psyched to go but I did anyway. Breakfast was quick. I read Dianna's blog and the WTIC Hartford radio web page. With my cooler packed, I headed out the door. It was about 10 miles later that I realized I forgot to Body Glide my nipples. Ouch.

My goal was to try throttling down my pace, as if it were the first 15 miles of the marathon. After last week, I knew I was going too fast. I was concentrating on keeping my shoulders low and my left arm to be more the leader arm moving forward instead of the one that veered across my chest.

I caught myself dragging rubber too often and picked up my feet more. Then I caught myself running in the yellow zone, above the green (that's tachometer talk right there). The left arm was hitching too high and inwards. I basically examined my mechanics for a good portion of the run. My goal was about 2:30 for the 15 miles.

I pulled in at 2:26 which was faster than everything I have done to this point in long runs which may explain why I am stiff and dragging today. I did not finish in a flurry but I was certain I had some left. It may not have been at a satisfactory pace but I am pretty sure I could have gone 26.2 if necessary.

I realize I am not in peak shape like coach jeff would have me if I was his client but I am in better shape than I had me back in January. This marathon training is like anything else. A little experience can make a world of difference in the training and mental approach.

Next tasks to tackle: enduring the taper, estimating the weather conditions for DC at the end of October, packing right and eating right.


Running Chick said...

glad to have been the source of a little inspiration this morning...you can bet that the RBF was with me on my long run today!

jeanne said...

nice work. (I mean all those chores! I could have changed the lightbulbs.) And mrs. david is a lucky woman!

Sounds like you're ready.

susie said...

Glad to hear you are fitting some fun into that training plan. Great job David. You ARE ready.

Running Rabbit said...

I LOVE skipping work!!!

Joe said...

Nice long run, David. Yes, the taper madness sets in. And, yes, exprience helps.

Susan said...

What a lucky Mrs. T! Sounds like you are well trained all around.