Addicted, loose and injury free

Tuesday I woke up before 500 and was ready to run. I am getting addicted to this stuff. I keep waking up early, wanting to run. I had some breakfast - I do not skip those anymore - and jogged up to the track for some 6 x 1200s.
The Marathonfesters were there in full force doing 8-10 x 800s. Many of them are ready to taper for Chicago or are close to peak conditioning for another fall race. The moonless dark scene was full of anxiety, speed, limping, sweating, gossiping and comradery.
They're not my crowd but I know some of them. One fellow who's son runs cross country asked if I wanted to join him with his buddy for some 800s. He said they were pacing at 4:15. I knew he was training for his first marathon with some trepidation so I opted to decline because I was running 1200s. I refrained from telling him I like to do my 800s in 3:50 or less.
Still, he jazzed me up. My first 1200 went down in 5:39. Geez, I had five to go.
They got progressively slower and I averaged 5:53 for the six pack, topping at 6:04.
By the end of the day it was time to go for a massage. I had added this one into my schedule because I was so cramped up and sore two weeks ago. To my credit I stretched it all out and nothing really hurt when Sherlene layed into me. I have to say, though, I was ready. Everything she did was like a Christmas present I always wanted. Every touch made me relax and go "mmmmmmm."
She told me I was in pretty good condition, well hydrated and had only one spot to be concerned about, where the quad connects to the knee on my left side. If I stretch right I'll be right.
Thursday was a 5-miler with a few Florida hills (not much higher than speed bumps). I warmed up slowly, listening to all my joints crack - something that happens to me after a massage. I am too loose. By the end I was cruising. I covered it in less than 44 minutes which I never did late in my training last January.
Back then I was fighting through all kinds of muscle issues and barely winning the training war. I won that one but lost the marathon. I expect better in DC. Hoo-ah.


Running Chick said...

i am just so fascinated with the Less is More training...you and Michelle are both having great results! i'm getting so excited for you to run MCM!

Running Rabbit said...

This was a "racy" post for you. I'm impressed. mmmmmm....


Rae said...

You are going to do great at MCM! I think it's all a lot easier the second time around. I don't have nearly as many aches and pains myself. Are you going to do Miami again in January?

jeanne said...

nice work! i did 1200s this week too. only something happened and I lost count after 2. does that still count?? sigh.
i want sherlene. bring her with you, ok?