The President's Own

I took in a concert last night at the high school here in town. You know how life comes at you in clusters of three? Well the band in concert was the United States Marine Band, the one that plays for all the White House and other state functions.
They were wearing some mighty sharp uniforms and played with great skill. The audience got very vocal when they played God Bless America as an encore.
So that is Part I of the Few. The Proud. The Marine Corps Marathon is next Sunday. I wonder whether the Marines will pop up in my life again this week or wait until after the race.


jeanne said...

i love listening to the marine band! that patriotic stuff always gets to me. Don't forget, after you cross the finish line, to plant a great big wet one on the marine who gives you your medal. I know I plan to.

Lara said...

There's no such thing as too many Marines!