Jeffrey all the way

Mrs. T and I watched breathlessly (me anyway) the last installment of Project Runway. I was "breathless" because I was concerned my boastful prediction that Jeffrey would win could cause me ridicule and embarassment over my presumption to know and appreciate fashion better than Mrs. "Fashion" T.

As I watched the show I was liking what Laura did because it was so ritzy. Uli's stuff was impressive and so wearable. I think we all knew Michael was toast about a month ago. He just lost it.

Jeffrey was definitely going where he'd never been before and it actually looked good to me. After following some of the hyperlink threads Jeanne led me down to read an interview with Laura (on a gay site) I was convinced from what I saw and read that Jeffrey would be the winner. I liked the stripes he put on designs very much.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. We had an incident at a high school on Thursday afternoon that resulted in the tragic death of a teen. The principal of the school is the Dave I occasionally train with. He was at the airport ready to board a plane to run the Chicago Marathon this weekend. He was in the concourse and looked at the TV monitor and saw an aerial shot of his high school on CNN and the unfolding story. He kissed his wife and kids goodbye and headed back to school.

We have both been in crisis control mode ever since. It is over for now but, sadly, so are the lives of two kids (one dead, the other in jail), the peace of two families and the innocence of a lot of students. Not nearly as sad but a true bummer is that Dave won't be running Chicago.

I am still hoping all calms down and nothing flares up between now and Marine Corps to sidetrack me.

I had Sherlene work me over Wednesday afternoon as a final tune up. She said my left ITB was tight.

Yesterday morning I overslept because of Project Runway but still got up and ran 8 miles at a slow pace. It took 1:18. I thought about pushing it but, after a massage, I am usually too loose and not tuned for running. After the events of the last 36 hours, I am plenty tight now. We'll see how my last 10 miler goes this weekend.


21st Century Mom said...

That is a sad, sad story. I've gotten to the point where I feel that these stories should not be publicized nationally. It does absolutely no good (other than to pull the principal back but really, someone could have called him) and it just inspires others to do the same. Not a good thing.

jeanne said...

First: That is truly sad about your friend missing the marathon, but sadder still about those two kids and their families. When will it end?

But, moving on:

You crack me up about PR! "Uli's dresses are so wearable." My arse! How 'bout you give 'em a try and report back? I still say Laura should have won for elegance and style and grace. Sadly, these traits have gone the way of the dinosaur in favor of zippers going every which way on a dress. I think not!

Just finished my last 10 miles. legs like lead. my group did 3, so i win. :)

David said...

Oh I think Uli's numbers would fit me fine. You just have to use your imagination.

Susan said...

Wow. No wonder you are tight.

Rae said...

So sorry to hear about the school incident. Is this one of the D's we ran Miami with?

Yeah, Micheal TOTALLY lost it. I really thought Uli had the best collection, but as long as Laura didn't win we were pleased!!!