Firing Up

Jeanne fired me up with her last post about the upcoming MCM race. I am feeling good, strong and healthy. My weight has dipped to about where I want it pre-race (151). I cut out the ice cream other fatty items that sneak into my diet. I hold it to one beer a night, no beef, more fruit and copious amounts of pasta/carbos. [Tangential aside: anybody remember rocket-armed outfielder Bernie Carbo with the Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox back in the '70s? Hell of an arm and good power.]

My other principal sidekick, Jason, who did make it to Chicago, PRed in 4:26 or something. Now I have a time to shoot for. He had a good time despite some un-Florida-like conditions (low 40s).

Today was the first cold day in Florida. When I went out at 600 to run for 30 minutes I believed it was in the high 50s but it was actually more like 52. Plus Florida cold is colder than the temperature because of the humidity. It is a wet cold that eats through all clothing. I wore shorts, short sleeve shirt and shoes. It took me almost a mile to warm up and my hands were a bit nipped but, by the time I finished, I was toasty. It was a good sampling of the best DC may offer. Given that, I am confident in my planned race kit; but, as Jeanne recommended, I will pack everything, just in case. I am considering cutting the toes out of some tube socks and pulling them over my forearms until I warm up, then tossing them.

I figured out what the third thing is in my 'Marines' experience. As you may have read previously: (1) was the Marine Corps Band, (2) will be the USMC Marathon and (3) turned out to be Flags of Our Fathers, the movie. Powerful and informative. Nevertheless, I am still backing Army in honor of son T.



Rae said...

I am so excited for you!! I wish we could be there and do it all over together, but at least we're both running our 2nd 'thons on the same weekend. =)

Give 'the other' D my condolences, I am sure he is having a tough time right now. What a horrible thing to have happen at your school (or any school).

Susan said...

It's not fair - this is what makes me fat "more fruit and copious amounts of pasta/carbos" . . . why can't i have pasta!

Michelle said...

david- i just told di about the tube sock thing last night! weird. it does sound like it will be chilly to start but at least the sun will be up.

21st Century Mom said...

Go David! May you have a fantastic marathon.

Kels said...

Yay, I am so happy that it's finally cooled down in Florida! Good luck this weekend! I think the sock idea is a good one although you might get some strange looks. :-)

21st Century Mom said...

Oh - one more thing. In SF everyone seems to buy a cheap sweatshirt or wear one they don't care about and then discard it along the course. Seems sort of obnoxious to me but I'm sure they get picked up and either dropped off at the lost and found or donated to charity. A sweatshirt might be a little warmer than ersatz arm warmers.

My personal preference it to tie the thing around my waist.

jeanne said...

They DO all get picked up afterwards by the marines and given to charity. And you WILL most probably need gloves, but tube socks will do the trick. there are $1 cotton gloves at the expo. buy and toss.

So glad I got you pumped up! Now let's see if i can remember how to pump myself up!

Sir, yes sir!

Joe said...

Bernie Carbo, indeed. A whale of an outfielder but didn't quite hit well enough to be a superstar. Yet he hung around quite a while. Thanks for that good memory before I go watch the Tigers/Cardinals.

On what to wear at the start: I have a box with $1 sweatshirts I buy at garage sales. No guilt chucking it along the way and others will use it. I'll often find a kid or someone to toss it to.

Jeanne is right about the gloves too...at any hardware/garden store, you can get $1 cotton jersey gloves. Perfect in the weather you'll see.

Speaking of Army, my oldest just arrived in Baghdad yesterday, his second tour with the 2nd infantry. Yeah, we all support these guys.

Wow...all the best, David, pulling for you!! I may do MCM next fall, so am keenly interested!!!

Anonymous said...

tear it up and semper fi!
--fellow central FL runner

Bex said...

You've been very good about your diet, while I have been bad about mine. Have eaten ice cream for dessert for the past three nights. And I had a doughnut yesterday. And the day before.

The weather for MCM should be pretty good: 40's warming up to the 50's and sunny. Today and tomorrow it's supposed to rain, but will dry up tomorrow night.