I love stats. Which is probably why I love speed workouts. So many repeats to measure and compare!

ITEM 1. The last three speed workouts (one a week) have been 6 x 1200, 7 x 800 and 3 x 1600. Varying distances. Varying aggregate lengths. What's unusual is that my pace on all three has been 7:52/mile.

ITEM 2. Today's 3 x 1600s resulted in my fastest 1600 of the year: 7:44.5 in the second interval - that with a bowl of chewed up Cheerios and fruit bouncing around in my belly.

ITEM 3. Evidence above indicates I am getting faster every week. Today's 1600s were 12 seconds faster on average than my last 1600s. In fact, my last 800s were 6 seconds faster than the time before.

I was annoyed this morning when I didn't have a balanced trio of times. The fastest was nine seconds faster than my slowest. I was also mad I didn't close with my fastest time (I was thinking Flipperhead throughout but couldn't quite get there).

I am feeling as though I am peaking for thise race next week. I have the speed. I am more confident about the distance. I am not so sure about negative splits but that will come down to race strategy.

West Point story. Older son T was in Manhattan this weekend seeing a young lady. Walking along Broadway. Upper west side. Old man walks out of a storefront, loses his balance and falls. Head smashes against a bus shelter wall before it bounces on sidewalk. Before he stopped moving T was in action mode, sprinting to nearest store to call 9-1-1. Asks for telephone. Clerk looks quizzically at him as if he doesn't understand the language. T assesses clerk to be Arab. T says "telephone" in Arabic, the foreign language he chose to study this year. Ahhh! Yes! Emergency responders arrive. Man taken care of. Girl friend duly impressed with hero model who acted on instinct, forged on the battlefield and in military training. Hoo-ah! Go Army. Beat Air Force. Beat Navy.


Running Chick said...

your training has been solid david. you are READY.

is there a blogcast planned for the race? how will we know what's going on?!

ShoreTurtle said...

Completely off-topic--what did you think of the project runway finale? I wasn't planning on watching it last night, but I got drawn in...

My wife was in NYC the other day and Macy's had a display of some of the season's winning outfits from the challenges.

Susan said...

I need you to put together my next marathon training plan . . . because the one I'm following involves me getting slower . . . .

Well done to son T!

jeanne said...

Ditto runner susan. David you are going tear up this course. Study that elevation chart! this is a great great course.

and yeah older son! i'm duly impressed too.

oh, yes please blog your reaction to PR!

susie said...

Hmmm, since I'm going to be the support crew for y'all....maybe I can somehow call in reports for everyone? Or at least one call when each of you passes a certain point? Is it too complicated?
And please tell T. we are all proud of him. I'll tell dad when I visit in the hospital today. He'll be pleased:)