Hi ho Silver

Thursday I did 4.7 miles of hills; bumps by Georgia standards, I fear. I cut the run short when I heard the recycle collection truck heading towards the house. I had forgotten to take the containers out. I thought I made it but they took a new course through the neighborhood and I still have my empties and old papers.

Thursday afternoon I enjoyed the joy I had been waiting for - a massage from Sherlene. Two highlights: my right shoulder was so tight she had to use heat and pain to get it looking and working like the left shoulder. I had not realized it was so bad.

Second: she sold the business to one of her partners; is selling her condo; and is moving to North Dakota - by the end of April. She is converting an old high plains homestead into a bed and breakfast and, with one of her other partners, opening a massage place up there.

It is going to be a long drive to get a massage. Do you turn left or right at Montana?

The only silver lining is that if I can find a North Dakota marathon to run I will now have a place to stay and someone to get the kinks out after the race.

Bandit. This afternoon Outback Steakhouse held their annual 12K in downtown Orlando. I met up with Maddie and her family before the race and found we have college and former colleagues in common. Maddie has two cute children and a friendly hubby and dog.

I also saw at least a dozen running pals and acquaintances who I either ran with or talked to. After awhile I forgot the fact that I was there without a race number. You see, I ran bandit.

Forgive me but I really didn't take advantage of very much. A pre-race cup of water, a post race bottle of water, a banana and an orange slice. Send me a bill. I did not try and horn in on the Outback steak dinner and Fosters beer.

I did not even run the full race. I took off with some friends and bounced between them at various speeds so I could chat with them all. Then at the 3rd mile I veered off and headed back to the finish line. I ran about 35 minutes and got back just in time to see the winner cross in just under 40 minutes. Fast! especially in the 76 degree heat.

I cheered everybody in and enjoyed the afternoon.

Tomorrow I'll go 16 in a roll back long run. Next week is 22 again.


susie said...

That will be $3.21 mister. Enjoy the 16. That's a walk in the park for you these days.

Runner Susan said...

Bandit you say? You rebel you!

Maddy said...

It was great to meet you (again)!

The kids were wondering what your finish time was... ;-)

jeanne said...

fun! you have jon to answer to, though.