Still here

For those who saw national news of our weather calamaties here in Central Florida let me assure you I am fine. The storms and tornados blew through these parts between 430 and 630 this morning. I was up, in my running duds, watching internet weather and figuring I could get three miles in before work when the band of rain passed through.

Little did I know the severity of the storms. What? 14 deaths? I was oblivious. The mobile home parks caught the worst of it (as always). I think its a fact of nature that mobile homes are automatic targets for bad weather.

Because the media was riled up and thinking we might close schools, I had to skip the run when the phone started ringing at 550. By 645 it was a non-event in our county. Four neighboring counties were declared states of emergency. Lucky us.

Lucky me. I got my three miler in at 7pm and it sure felt good after a high stress week.

Don't forget to remind me to buy some bloks tomorrow.


Faithful Soles said...

My name is Robert Key and I am a runner from Houston, Texas. I saw your blog listed when I was looking through the RBF directory and very much enjoyed reading some of your entries. As a native Floridian (born in Jacksonville), my thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered in the tornadoes, and I am glad to see your report that you are ok.

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Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Yeah, uh running while trees and cars are flying through the air is not such a good idea. Glad you made it through the mess ok, David. You know, if your home ever got destroyed you could always come live with us. In the north. With the snow.

Susan said...

I thought of you when I saw the news. I'm sure glad you and your family are okay.

It's always weird for me to run in the evening - it's such a different feeling.

faithful susan
aka short commenter

21st Century Mom said...

arrgghh!! blogger is sucking so much - it just ate my comment.

In brief - I'm glad you are not only okay but managed to get a run in.

Just12Finish said...

Buy Bloks today.

susie said...

So glad the storm passed you by, David. How ironic the storm, based on your last post about "normal weather." Anyway, maybe that's your bad weather for a while. Take care...

Rae said...

I'm glad you guys were able to miss the storms. What they showed on the news here was just an absolute disaster.

Good luck with your 20!