What an ordeal

Computer hell.
Ever since Thanksgiving I've been having issues with the ol' laptop. It started having config problems and operating system errors. I finally said to heck with it and backed up my files, reloaded the Microsoft XP ops system and MS Office suite. All my files were still there, thank goodness. All my bookmarks were gone.
Then my wireless adapter would not install. The network drivers were not loading. LinkSys talked me through that today.
Now I'm trying to move everything back onto the Acer laptop by copying over recent data I kept on my HP laptop, the one with the pitiful keyboard touch sensitivity.
I also switched to Mozilla Firefox. I also tried to upgrade my blogger account to the beta version. I created a new user account with a name that conflicted with critical data of my existing blog that got me chasing my tail in Blogger World. It's been a real experiment in patience and intuition.
And then when I went away for a little while for lunch, I came back and the black screen said "operating system not found."
Here we go again.

Since last time, I went out for five miles of hill work. Made it through at an 8:45 pace. I plan to go for a 16 miler on Sunday. The weather improved this weekend. We're back up to the 60s and 70s with sunshine. Just the way it is meant to be.

Next weekend I may dash on down to Tampa for the Gasparilla 15K, turn around and come home to run a double. I am supposed to go 22 miles next weekend so the 9.6 will not be enough. I'll plan on adding 12 more in the afternoon.

The Gasparilla two years ago was my first out of town race. It was my first race after joining the RBF world. I was really nervous. It was blustery cold with a harsh wind blowing off the water. But it was exciting. The crowd was big. The pre-race and post-race accommodations and foods were excellent. Even Dawn on the Run (the Pink Lady) was there - in the same hotel with me - but we never linked up. I ran the distance in 1:24:26 (9:04 pace). I know I could smoke that today.


Neese said...

um, buy a Mac ;)

Joe said...

your prep is going so well...I'm excited for you!

I think any race with "Gasparilla" in the name would be a good race...

ShoreTurtle said...

Computers can be devious and mean spirited. I'm in the IT field and every once in a while I want to throw my monitor across the room.

By the way, I would be glad to do computer repair/tech support on your laptop for free (plus air fare, food and accommodations).

jeanne said...

Well I think Neese totally diagnosed your computer problems...i mean you mention Microsoft, what do you expect?!?:)

and oh sure, stay in the same HOTEL with dawn, but don't come drive 5 hours to see ME in MIAMI.

Mad jealous!

Maddy said...

If you head to Tampa have a great race. I considered the Gasparilla half becuase I'm totally addicted - but the (very small) logical part of my brain says to wait, and train for Sarasota...

But then come back on add another 12 miles! Wow! Impressive!

Have you thought about the Outback Distance Classic? 12k... ;-)

Just12Finish said...

Just read your Gasparilla race report from 2 years ago. That was great ... "did I have the stamina to go 15K" - LOL now!

I've run portions of the course many a time, from Ybor City through downtown and onto Bayshore. It's a cool route.

21stCenturyMom said...

Sounds like your training is going much better than your laptop and/or blogger conversion.

Never mind those Mac people. Macs have their own issues. As for over sensitive mouse pads - you can adjust those settings via control panel. You just have to set the part of the pad that is sensitive to a smaller size - it does wonders.

Good luck in your race!