Do not do it

How many times have you gone through the long training process (for a half or mary) and, towards the end, done something different from routine; something that causes or aggravates an injury? Huh? Come on. 'Fess up.

  • Do not decide to add strength machines at the same weight and reps as you did when you quit four months ago
  • Do not try to dance all funky to the beat of a West African drum line
  • Do not start climbing eight flights of stairs all of a sudden and call it hill work
Do not do these things for you will pay.

My left knee cap hurts. It hurt yesterday as I went out for the most grueling repeats on my training plan. By the time I jogged to the track in the nasty 69F humid conditions the knee stopped hurting. Just so I could do 6x1200. I struggled. I felt like quitting in the middle of the third repeat. It was hot.

I took of my shirt, it was so hot (calm down Jeanne). I kept going and psyched myself into making them come and go one lap at a time; passing the same discarded mouth guard at the 200m mark that some soccer player left on the track.

When I was done I was relieved. I have stopped doing all those "new" ideas but my knee still yacks at me when I ascend steps. Tomorrow I have hills to do so we shall see how I fare. In the meantime I guess I'll go vote one of the girls off the American Idol island.


Joe said...

Ugh...yeah, I've done those things.

Don't...till at least after Atlanta.

Just12Finish said...

Oh yeah, good time to get superstitious now. You never know. Why take the chance?

Neese said...

sorry about the knee :|

21stCenturyMom said...

Ice, ice, baby, ice.